Common BizAv Cockpit Upgrade Paths: Garmin G1000 NXi (Baseline)

Ken Elliott explores different pathways for common business aircraft cockpit upgrades, this month reviewing the Garmin G1000 NXi retrofit baseline equipage.

Ken Elliott  |  29th May 2024
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    Ken Elliott
    Ken Elliott

    Ken Elliott is a veteran with 52 years of aviation experience, focussed on avionics in General and Business...

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    Garmin G1000 NXi installed on a Beechcraft King Air

    Within the scope of the G1000 NXi flight deck upgrade package, Garmin has included many functions and features, some of which are baseline and others are optional. Here, we will explore the baseline features, following next time with a review of the optional features.

    Many of the Garmin G1000 NXi’s baseline and optional features are highly innovative, providing a significant sum gain to the cockpits of the aircraft into which they’re retrofitted. But what is the background of the G1000 flight deck?

    Garmin introduced the G1000 NXi flightdeck in 2017 as a successor to its highly popular G1000 which had been available since 2004. The G1000 NXi version represents a considerable change, offering many upgraded functions and features to be implemented in a one-time retrofit.

    Especially noteworthy for many aircraft owners and pilots is the increase in available aircraft useful load afforded by the G1000/G1000 NXi upgrade.

    According to Garmin, a potential 250lbs can be made available, translating as additional fuel (for increased non-stop range), or an additional passenger and/or luggage. This is possible due to the removal of surplus wiring and the replacement of heavier avionics units.

    Table A (below) maps the available Garmin Business Aviation solutions and shows that the G1000 NXi is available for all categories of fixed wing aircraft, and is available for rotorcraft as the G1000H NXi. This unit is truly versatile.

    Specifically, G1000 NXi flightdeck upgrades are currently available for the following Light Jet and Turboprop aircraft:

    • Cessna Citation Mustang
    • Beechcraft King Air C90, 200, 300 and 350 Series.
    • Embraer Phenom 100 and 300
    • Daher TBM 850.

    Note: Many of the upgrades assume an existing G1000 flightdeck where each aircraft may have small differences impacting the extent to which G1000 NXi functions, features and options may be implemented.

    What are the Key Baseline Functions & Features of the Garmin G1000 NXi?

    Garmin’s G1000 NXi is designed for Part 23 single pilot capable aircraft, essentially. As such, it provides the following baseline functions:

    • Display of aircraft performance and flight configuration
    • Navigation and flight management
    • Communications and audio
    • Hazard avoidance, including terrain and air traffic surveillance
    • Engine performance and crew alerting (EICAS)
    • Automatic flight control.

    These functions include the following baseline features:

    • Enhanced Horizontal Situation Dislay (HSI) maps
    • Multifunction Display (MFD) that includes aircraft and engine performance indications
    • Aircraft checklist and IFR/VFR charts with split screen, MAP, FPL, Wide format selections
    • Dual WAAS LPV (LP)/APV (AP) approach and vertical guidance capability
    • MFD Vertical Situation Display (VSD)
    • Primary Flight Display (PFD) overlay of weather, traffic and terrain
    • Dual channel digital flight direction and autopilot
    • Class B TAWS with obstacle avoidance
    • Compliant to ADS-B Version 2
    • Digital four-color radar with MFD moving map overlay
    • Typically, 12” PFD and 15” MFD widescreen displays with reversionary switching
    • Frequency decoding and loading.

    Apart from additional functions and features, a G1000 to G1000 NXi upgrade provides for faster data processing, improved LED backlighting, quicker display initialization, open architecture design for growth, and easier maintainability for technicians.

    The system uses RS232, Ethernet and ARINC 429 databus interconnectivity between its hardware.

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