How Pratt & Whitney Delivers Diverse Solutions for 24,000 PT6As

With the PT6A engine, giving you industry-leading propulsion technology is just the start. Pratt & Whitney also offers many maintenance services and solutions for this engine family catering to operators’ varied needs.

AvBuyer  |  09th December 2020
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    Young Pratt & Whitney mechanic works on a PT6A turboprop engine

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    According to Pratt & Whitney, there’s no such thing as a “typical” PT6A customer. The PT6A powers many diverse missions and flying environments, from aerial applications in Brazil to humanitarian relief in Africa to firefighting in California.

    Yes, all PT6A operators want a high-performing engine they can count on to get the job done – but with various missions, environments and budgets, the types of maintenance programs and solutions operators seek – from pay-per-hour coverage options to proactive engine health monitoring – differ greatly. 

    There’s no single solution that will satisfy everyone.

    That’s why Pratt & Whitney continues to introduce new, tailored offerings that expand its portfolio in the PT6A market.

    “We’re trying to provide as many options as possible to our PT6A customers, so that all of them can find something tailored to their individual needs,” explains John Lewis, Director, General Aviation Customer Programs.

    "Our mission is to reach out in different ways to the PT6A operator community with a broad range of attractive solutions that help operators sustain their business by giving them a competitive edge."

    - John Lewis, Director, General Aviation Customer Programs

    Delivering Long-Term Value with ESP Maintenance Plans

    One popular choice is the 'ESPecially for Your PT6' option under Pratt & Whitney's Eagle Service Plan (ESP) maintenance program, which is available for any new PT6A engine. The first 400 hours or two years (whichever comes first) of coverage are provided at no charge – a value of up to US$70,000 per engine – towards maintenance.

    "The central appeal of ESP is that it provides long-term cost protection by locking in the cost of major engine maintenance events. It also enhances the aircraft’s resale value, because the plan is transferable to the next owner."

     - John Lewis

    If their engine is due for an overhaul, PT6A customers enrolled in ESP will also have the option of replacing it with a brand-new engine at a fraction of the price under the plan’s New Engine Option program.

    John also points out that replacing an engine will improve an aircraft’s residual value, given that engines are the single most expensive component.

    Keeping Customers Flying Cost Effectively

    Pratt & Whitney also offers operators a selection of tailored maintenance solutions under its portfolio of P&WCSMART Solutions for PT6A. These include options such as flat-rate overhauls and engine exchanges, capped costs for overhaul parts and more for various models.

    Diagnostic and Prognostic Data Intelligence

    Pratt & Whitney’s FAST solution is a powerful engine health management tool that supports preventive maintenance by monitoring a host of key performance parameters and tracking engine health trends over time. With this data intelligence at their fingertips, operators can troubleshoot potential issues before they happen to minimize or avoid them entirely.

    FAST is available for a wide range of PT6A-powered aircraft, including TBMs, Caravan 208s and EXs, King Air 200s and 300s and PC-12 NGs.

    Pratt & Whitney’s Oil Analysis Technology can be used in tandem with FAST to provide a more comprehensive view of the engine. The technology looks specifically at deterioration of the oil-wetted engine parts up to hundreds of hours before a potential issue. Far more sensitive than traditional oil analysis methods, it provides deep insights into engine health and operation without the need for intrusive inspections.

    Currently, Oil Analysis is commercially available for Pilatus PC-12 aircraft with availability expanding to a growing number of PT6A engine models and platforms.

    Reducing Time on Market for Pre-Owned Aircraft

    PT6A operators are also eligible for Pratt & Whitney’s Certified Pre-Owned Program. This provides two years – or 500 hours, whichever comes first – of warranty for used engines that meet the certification criteria.

    To further enhance support to pre-owned aircraft operators, Pratt & Whitney has teamed up with AvBuyer. Under the sponsorship, sellers can have their ad listing posted on AvBuyer at no cost for an unlimited time until the aircraft sells.

    PT6A operators can also take advantage of special offers, such as 75 free flying hours to enrol in an ESP maintenance plan or upgrade to the next level of coverage.

    For more information on PT6A engine maintenance, check out Pratt & Whitney's technical tips. Also, find out more about the Know My PT6 App which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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