What Makes the Know My PT6 App Essential for Operators?

Are you looking for an easier way to keep up with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A news and maintenance information? Your search is over! Pratt & Whitney Canada has released the Know My PT6 mobile app. Here's why you can't afford to ignore it...

AvBuyer  |  14th October 2019
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    Pratt & Whitney Canada Know My PT6 App

    The Know My PT6 mobile app makes it easier than ever for operators to keep up with PT6A news and maintenance information. We spoke to one of the experts behind it to discover how…

    Easier Access to Relevant Information

    Know My PT6 is a free application for mobile devices, available via the Apple and Google app stores. The app puts a wide range of practical information at users’ fingertips. It’s a handy communication tool that is intended to be a companion in owning, operating and maintaining a PT6A engine and complements the MyP&WC Power Portal.

    “The idea behind it is to give the PT6A community—particularly pilots, owners and operators—easy access to information that we think is important for them to know in terms of operating and maintaining their engines,” explains Yves Houde, PT6A Customer Manager.

    While service providers such as fixed-base operators are usually aware of the latest maintenance recommendations, service bulletins and the like, pilots, owners and other members of the wider PT6A community may not be.

    The app provides a vehicle to raise the visibility of information that might fly under the radar, but which operators need to be aware of.

    “You can access the information 24/7 whether you’re online or offline, and you don’t have to input a user ID and password, so it’s really simple and practical,” says Yves.

    News and Updates Curated by Engine Model

    “What’s special about this app is that we can tailor the content for different engine models and filter out unnecessary information,” Yves notes.

    Upon opening the app for the first time, the user is given the option of selecting their aircraft model and manufacturer. (If you own more than one type of PT6A-powered aircraft, don’t worry—you can select as many as you wish.)

    News alerts and other information will then be curated accordingly. The app’s news feed includes two types of information:

    • Service information, such as descriptions of selected service bulletins, summaries of the key points of service information letters and updates about revisions to engine maintenance manuals, notices of Pratt & Whitney attendance at PT6A-related shows and events
    • Selected P&W Airtime blog content providing topical articles of interest to PT6A operators, refreshed on a regular basis

    “The goal of the news feed is not to push everything. It has to be relevant to pilots and maintenance providers, especially updates that have just been issued,” Yves explains.

    One Stop Access to Maintenance and Support Details

    The core of the app is the widely used PT6A engine handbook divided into sections covering design features, engine controls, operation, maintenance, customer services and more. “Everything you need to know is there,” says Yves.

    The handbook sections are presented in a carousel format and can be opened directly from the app’s home page for quick access. Inside are links to relevant service bulletins.

    Besides the home page and the news feed, there are two more icons at the bottom of the app’s screen. These are for services and support.

    Clicking the services icon will give you access to a full list of designated P&W service facilities that maintain PT6A engines, a list of sales managers with their contact details, and an interactive, colour-coded map showing where service is available for your engine around the world.

    The support section, meanwhile, conveniently gathers together contact details for all kinds of support, from the CFirst Centre to publications, warranties, ESP™ plans, rental engines and part sales. In this section, Pratt & Whitney also asks for user feedback on the app.

    An advisory meeting was held with operators while the app was being developed, and their input was then factored into the design and content. Further refinements are being considered, but these will not change the app’s fundamental purpose: to serve as a simple, easy-to-navigate tool for owners, pilots and operators to obtain useful and relevant engine information.

    “By using this app, PT6A pilots and operators around the world will be better informed and positioned to optimize maintenance and management of their engines, resulting in enhanced performance and availability,” says Yves.

    See how video is making PT6A engine rigging simple for Cessna operators here.

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