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The European Business Jet Market:
A five year view (January 2006 to January 2011).

Just prior to the start of EBACE 2011- we reviewed the business jet fleet in Europe. To bring the continent into perspective we first looked at a comparison of the total worldwide market of business jets five years ago (January 2006) which stood at 12-152 aircraft. By January 2011 the number had risen to 16-517 aircraft- as shown on the map below.

Europe accounted for 2-706 business jets in operation in January 2011 or 16.4% of the worldwide total. The five year changes of the other continents are also shown on the following map.

In the past five years- the European Business Jet Market has nearly doubled from 1-487 Business Jets in January 2006 to 2-706 in January 2011- an annual 12.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). As of the end of March 2011 JETNET reports that there are 45 countries that have business jets in operation based in Europe. Table A outlines the specifics of the top 20 countries for wholly-owned Business Jets in Europe.

The United Kingdom and Germany are ranked Number 1 and 2 in terms of business jets in operation- and both countries currently have one in every five business jets for sale- or around 20%. There are currently 472 Business Jets in Europe ‘For Sale’. The average percentage For Sale for all 45 countries is 17.4%.

Cessna Citations account for the largest number of business jets in operation in Europe at 1-002 - followed by- Falcon- Challenger and Learjet models Table B.

Breaking down the European fleet numbers further- Table C ranks the 25 most popular Business Jet models high-to-low with the three most popular models coming from the Cessna Citation business jet family. These are the Mustang- CitationJet and CJ3. Cessna Citation aircraft models dominate- forming seven of the ‘Top 10’ models.

As discussed- the Cessna Citation family has the largest number of jets in operation in Europe at 1-002 (or a 37% share of the European Fleet). Bombardier and Dassault are in second and third place with 22% and 17% respectively (Chart A).

The European Business Jet market for 2012 and beyond is expected to grow equal to- or better than the past five years. However- 2011 will still be a year of correction. Both Germany and Switzerland are bright spots- however.

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