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Super Legacy XP recently celebrated certification of its MT47 ‘Silent 7’ prop upgrade. What are the benefits, and what’s involved in the process?

AvBuyer  |  29th January 2021
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    Pilatus PC-12 MT47 Silent 7 propeller

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    PC-12 upgrade specialist Super Legacy XP Limited has become the first Pilatus PC-12 operator worldwide to install and obtain full certification for the MT47 Seven Blade propeller on the company’s PC-12 Super Legacy demonstration aircraft. 

    This process culminated in flight performance tests conducted in Germany and high-altitude takeoffs at Europe’s uppermost airports, Samedan in Switzerland and Courchevel Altiport, where the runway resembles a ski jump. 

    The latest propeller from MT combined with the Super Legacy Speed Cowling demonstrated significant performance improvements in takeoff roll, accelerate-stop distance, rate of climb and cruise speed. Meanwhile a complete change of harmonics also brings additional cabin comfort to the Super Legacy. 

    The heart of the Super Legacy concept is a Finnoff upgrade that replaces the standard PT6A-67B engine with a new 67P powerplant, warrantied for 7 years by Pratt & Whitney. Adding a further 200hp to a lighter weight airframe, the Super Legacy outperforms the PC-12 NG in several key parameters. 

    London-based Super Legacy XP Limited is the European, Middle East and Africa distributor for the individual upgrade components, engine, propeller, speed cowl and Skandia cabin noise reduction system.

    With more than 50 upgrades performed, mainly in the US, Super Legacy XP is on track to upgrade and modify four PC-12 aircraft to Super Legacy standard for EMEA delivery during 2021/2.

    Super Legacy Director Stephen Williams said, “I’m delighted with the results of our project with MT and the installation of the 'Silent 7 Propeller'. When coupled with a price tag for a finished aircraft almost $2 million lower than the latest factory PC-12, and a much shorter waiting list, the Super Legacy offers a sensible choice for aircraft buyers seeking both performance and value. 

    "Our upgrade components also offer compelling options for existing PC-12 owners of all variants, including the NG, who want improved performance from their personal or corporate aircraft.” 

    Martin Albrecht, Vice President at MT Propeller Company and champion aerobatic test pilot, commented: “It became clear when our static thrust tests went off the scale of our meter that the additional blades of the Silent 7 were going to make a significant uplift in performance. This was proven in flight and the reduction in tip speed and vibration now confirms a significant improvement in noise and comfort – hence our label 'the SILENT 7'.” 

    In summary, the Pilatus PC-12 Super Legacy XP aircraft provides a value-driven alternative to the purchase of a factory-new aircraft: extra performance, comfort and safety but also lower capital cost and lower absolute depreciation than a new aircraft. 

    Super Legacy XP 

    Formed in 2018, Super Legacy XP Limited is based at Denham and Biggin Hill airports in the UK, and Cannes in the South of France. As distributors for Finnoff Aviation Products, MT Propeller Company, American Aviation Speed Cowl, Skandia Sound Systems, and Garmin Avionics, Super Legacy works with these partners to assemble and deliver customized PC-12 aircraft.

    The company also supplies the upgrade components to existing Pilatus PC-12 owners wishing to upgrade their aircraft. 

    The new EASA-certified Flight Manual Supplements of the upgraded Super Legacy XP enable added power, capability, and luxury to the PC-12-45/47 Legacy series aircraft as a turn-key solution. 

    These enhancements to powerplant, propeller, cabin soundproofing and interior detail combine to provide superior levels of performance. 

    Coupled with familiar (Garmin) avionics and a seven year Pratt & Whitney extended powerplant warranty, the Super Legacy XP provides outstanding value to both private owners and commercial charter operators. 

    Super Legacy XP Ltd says it is facilitating a five-year line-up of aircraft deliveries in Europe, Africa and Middle East. The company has a demonstration aircraft based in Europe operating from its bases in London Biggin Hill, Denham and Cannes in France. 

    Super Legacy XP Ltd offers: 

    - Sales of fully converted aircraft
    - ready to fly
    - Fractional ownership and group operating solution
    - Upgrade programme for existing PC-12 owners
    - Technical and After-sales Support
    - Flight crew/owner training including pilot type ratings

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