Tecnam P2006T SMP

The Tecnam P2006T SMP (Special Missions Platform) has established itself as the most cost effective and efficient flying platform for surveillance, observation, aerial mapping and special mission tasks around the world. Find out more…
The P2006T SMP’s high wing and retractable landing gear allows for a ‘no view obstruction’ for external cameras and operator FoV (Field of View). This potentially may make the difference between mission success and failure especially when auto-tracking a moving object from high altitude is performed.
The high wing keeps the engines completely cleared from dust and any foreign object that could damage the propellers and the engine through the air intakes.
Moreover, its spacious interior allows the installation of a comfortable working station and multiple screen desk: two separate doors, one for the pilot(s), the other one for the rear seat passengers or operator.
Unbeatable value, low ownership, operating/maintenance costs (less than 0.3hr/flight hour) coupled with innovative design and combined with the Rotax '912S' engine ensures the Tecnam P2006T SMP affords high mission reliability and dispatch as well as lower noise emissions.
Built to operate in challenging environments and semi-prepared strips, The Tecnam P2006T SMP benefits from extremely low take-off and landing runs (235 and 190mt respectively).

Tecnam P2006T Special Mission Piston Aircraft
Special Missions Configuration
The basic SMP configuration has been developed to be the best platform to work for third parties sensor integration, giving STC capable companies the possibility to work exclusively only on sensors integration, on place airframes where modifications have already taken place e.g. different holes/apertures are available for all the above mentioned aircraft as well as mission powering system plugs (28V 40Amp capable).
Its versatility and high load capacity enable a wide range of customer’s mission requirements to be met. The P2006T SMP has been designed to enable fast and easy installation of the operator’s choice of specific sensors, radar and cameras and the like.
The keywords of Tecnam P2006T SMP program is "vertical package". Having a vertical package means that the final customer will have a single contact for the whole system: aircraft, payload and everything related with it.
Tecnam P2006T SMP cockpit
Vertical package means also the confidence that every single item integrated in the airframe is made with the full knowledge of platform and, finally, vertical package means the continuous possibility to upgrade the system as technologies evolve.
For many missions and applications, such as search and rescue, reconnaissance, immigration surveillance/border patrol, drug trafficking and law enforcement missions, the Tecnam P2006T SMP is fully able to replace, support or drastically reduce the use of far more expensive/much complicated assets such as the deployment of CS/FAR 25 airplanes, helicopters and coast guard boats.
The Tecnam Special Missions engineering team is also available to support third parties STC processes as well as help in further design and integration.
Tecnam see it as a key responsibility to give end users the confidence and reassurance of total through life support at all times.

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