King Air 350 XP67A Engine Upgrade from Blackhawk

The program charges forward after the submission of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight test plan, and FAA flight-testing will begin once approval has been received. Blackhawk anticipates testing to begin in November, and the finalized STC to be received in May of 2017.

AvBuyer  |  08th December 2016
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The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in development by Blackhawk will allow the installation and operation of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A 1200 SHP engine to replace the factory standard PT6A-60A 1050 SHP engines on the King Air 350 model.

The higher horsepower engine will require a more robust propeller assembly than what the PT6A-60A currently turns. Working closely with MT Propeller, the companies have developed a migration path. If a King Air 350 has the five blade composite propellers currently installed, MT has agreed to exchange the hubs and spinners to ensure compatibility with the PT6A-67A engines for a small fee. They will also reset the propeller warranty to two years in order to provide coverage for XP67A operators.

Performance results continue to exceed expectations. In hot climate conditions, the XP67A will climb from sea level to its service ceiling of FL350 in as little as 18 minutes, whereas stock engines will take 45 minutes to make the same climb. Typical cruise speeds are increased by up to 37 KTAS and can settle in at up to 340 KTAS if an operator chooses to fly at maximum engine power limits. Operators looking for increased endurance and range can throttle back and extend capabilities due to better specific fuel consumption ratings.

“In my 10 years at Blackhawk, I have test flown every engine upgrade that we have put on the market,” said Chris Dunkin, Blackhawk’s Regional Sales Manager and Chief Pilot. “I can confidently say that the XP67A engine has the most impressive performance that I’ve seen by far.”

Pre-certification orders are now being accepted for the XP67A. A $50,000 refundable deposit will secure an initial delivery position and lock in a pre-certification pricing rebate. Blackhawk has contracted with Pratt & Whitney to offer the XP67A under the Converter Exchange Program (CEP) and requires the core PT6A-60A engines to be returned. Qualifying core engines will be issued credit at $70 per hour / per engine for time remaining to the 3600 TBO. Contact Blackhawk for pricing details, credits and rebates specific to your King Air 350.



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