New Bose A30 Dials Up Comfort for Helicopter Flights

The Bose A30 is the ultimate aviation headset for helicopter pilots. Launched in March 2023, it combines superior comfort, advanced audio, and three noise-cancellation modes. FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified, it guarantees durability and global compatibility for an unparalleled flying experience.

AvBuyer  |  09th November 2023
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    Helicopter pilot wearing Bose A30 aviation headset

    Helicopter pilots seeking to elevate their flying experience have an all-new headset option: the Bose A30. This headset entered the market in March 2023, and Patrick Schutterop, business manager for Bose aviation in the European and Asia-Pacific regions, says it has been well received by pilots around the globe. 

    “Any pilot looking for superior comfort, clear communication and the best active noise attenuation in the aviation industry, now is the time to switch to the Bose A30,” he said, noting that early inventory constraints have eased and back orders have cleared globally. “We are able to meet our customers’ expectations and have them flying with the Bose A30 within days.”


    Schutterop says the first thing pilots will notice about the A30 is improved comfort. 

    “Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort,” he said. “It is critical for any pilot to have a headset they can wear for a long time. Numerous headsets, including the A20, are comfortable – but the Bose A30 takes that to the next level.” 

    Bose engineers accomplished this feat by reducing the A20’s clamping force by 20% and decreasing on-head weight, relieving hot spots and overall headset fatigue during long flights. The A30’s center pivot spring evenly distributes clamping force, and the shift in the center of gravity makes the A30 feel lighter than the A20. 

    “When we asked pilots what they wanted to see most improved in an aviation headset, it was comfort,” said Schutterop. “The A30 delivers without losing the clarity pilots love in the A20.”


    While developing the A30, Bose engineers knew that improved comfort couldn’t come at the expense of improved audio clarity. 

    “Communication, the reason any pilot buys an aviation headset, must be crystal clear so you can hear what you need to and others can clearly hear you,” said Schutterop. 

    Bose built the A30 on an all-new digital platform, creating a noise reduction system that senses the noise level in the cockpit and extends the breadth of active noise cancellation to reduce the amount of passive noise reduction required. 

    “Where most aviation headsets rely on clamping force to create a good seal for active noise reduction, the technological improvements in the Bose A30 offset the need for a tighter seal,” said Schutterop. “We’ve brought greater comfort through improved audio performance.” 

    The A30’s new digital electronic system and rebalanced acoustics improve total attenuation. At the same time, the headset handles each audio stream with a unique equalizer, surpassing technical requirements and interoperability standards required for compatibility with other equipment like intercoms and radios. BluetoothA allows users to mix audio from mobile and other devices with intercom audio or have intercom transmissions mute Bluetooth entirely.


    Another improvement from the A20 to the A30 is the headset’s downcable, which can now be switched to either side of the headset without using tools. It’s also lighter and more flexible and exceeds TSO requirements. A coil cable will come to market later in 2023. 

    The Bose A30 is built to withstand the toughest cockpit environments, passing more than 145 separate tests, including extreme heat, electricity, explosive atmospheric testing and extended wear. The headband is made from an aluminum alloy, protecting the headset from brittle breaks. 

    “The headband in the Bose A30 will actually bend before it breaks,” said Schutterop. “It takes a tremendous amount of force and effort to break it, even more than our previous headsets did.” 

    The Bose A30 is FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified and meets many military specifications, ISO standards, CE standards and the requirements of aviation regulatory groups worldwide, including ARINC. “For all pilots, commercial operators in particular, TSO certification is essential and not a simple process,” said Schutterop. “In essence, TSO certification grants the pilot, operator and/or aircraft manufacturer the assurance of a high safety standard product that will prove durable even in the toughest conditions.”


    Three modes of user-selectable noise cancellation round out the Bose A30’s key features. It’s the first around-ear aviation headset to offer pilots a choice in the level of noise cancellation, allowing it to appeal to a broader set of pilots. 

    “Most of our customers want the best and most noise reduction possible,” said Schutterop. “By offering three options for noise cancellation, we have made the A30 compatible with a variety of cockpits. You essentially have one headset that can go with you from a noisy helicopter cockpit to a private business jet.” 

    Bose flattened the audio in high noise cancellation mode to reduce the depth of dips pilots experience before passive noise cancellation turns on. This creates a balance between hearing communications and the engine, making it the most useful for helicopter pilots. To accommodate other cockpit environments, pilots can switch between modes by double tapping the earcups.


    Bose engineers developed the A30 with pilots’ needs and the evolving technological landscape in mind. The new digital network infrastructure will allow Bose to build on and update existing technology. 

    “Bose has been the leader in premium aviation headset technology for over 30 years, beginning with Dr. Bose’s first sketch for noise cancellation technology on a 1978 flight from Europe to Boston,” said Schutterop. “The A30 was developed by pilots for pilots who know the best flight is the one where you don’t have to worry about your headset. We’ll continue to innovate for the best in comfort, clear communication, and noise cancellation, amplifying the flight experience for all pilots who wear our products.”


    Bose is world-renowned for its premium audio solutions for the home and on the go. Since its founding in 1964 by Dr. Amar Bose, the company has been dedicated to delivering amazing sound experiences through innovation. And its passionate employees, engineers and researchers - have remained committed to the belief that sound is the most powerful force on earth; its ability to transform, transport, and make us feel alive. For nearly 60 years, this belief has driven us to create products that have become iconic, with real customer benefits and help people enjoy the things they truly love. Bose aviation headsets are certified to FAA TSO and EASA ETSO standards. No matter why you fly, Bose aviation headsets are engineered to improve the experience. The company’s spirit of invention, passion for excellence, and commitment to extraordinary experiences can be found around the world - everywhere Bose does business.

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