Single Engine piston airplane wrapped up from cold winter weather

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It has been a strange year so far but our usual winter warnings on being prepared come with additional precautions for coronavirus, where Aero-Sense has a range of products to help the fight…

Every single November edition of GA Buyer Magazine this past decade, Aero-Sense was on the front cover, reminding you about the fact that winter is fast approaching — and reminding you that now is the perfect moment to stock up on TKS De-icing Fluid and CE-5 Fuel System Icing Inhibitor.

If 2020 were a normal year, this edition would be no different. We would stress once again that safety is of paramount importance and to advise you to stock up for the winter that is coming.Aero-Sense TKS De-Icing Fluid

While that’s of course still the case, safe flying has gotten an entirely new meaning this year. Taking “the necessary safety measures before the flight” has a lot more implications in the world we live in today.

It no longer only means making sure your TKS tank is full and your fuel anti-icing additive has been well mixed before a FIKI flight. Now you should also make sure the aircraft cabin has been disinfected properly, with aviation certified products. It means having alcohol hand gel on board to ensure the necessary hand hygiene for passengers and crew. Safety has intertwined with hygiene to a degree never seen before, but Aero-Sense has got you covered. As always!

New Focus on Hygiene Products

Although commercial airlines have been quick to implement higher standards in terms of aircraft hygiene, many people, business travellers and tourists alike, are avoiding or at least delaying flying commercially for the time being.

Flyers have many concerns, leading some to rely more heavily on General and Business Aviation for their travel needs. Therefore, General Aviation must keep up in terms of hygiene standards.

While Aero-Sense, as your reliable partner in aviation chemicals, is very proud to supply world-class airlines with cleaning and hygiene products, we are rooted in general and business aviation, which remain dear to our heart.

In order to support our loyal customers as best as we can, the Aero-Sense team has been working hard these past months to update certain product formulations, in order to make our products even more effective and efficient, as well as develop new, aviation-certified products.

Trusted products in our range, used by airlines and private pilots alike, include of course our Aero-Sense Cabin Disinfectant, which is available in both a ready-to-use version (750ml spray bottle and 20L cans) or as a concentrated liquid that has to be diluted.

Aero-Sense Cabin Disinfectant

Cabin Disinfectant is often used in combination with Cabin Cleaner (same pack sizes) for a good scrub of the cabin before disinfecting the hard surfaces, creating at thorough two-step cleaning process.

New in our range since the pandemic are our Aero-Sense Hygienic Hand Gel, available in 300ml bottles and 5L cans, as well as in small single-use sachets.

Additionally, we also recently added single use Hand Gel Wipes to our hand hygiene range, which are a very convenient way to quickly sanitise your hands on the go. Let’s not forget that ensuring that your hands are clean is the easiest way to keep the spread of the novel coronavirus to a minimum.

But, of course, Aero-Sense has a track record in providing products to help stop the spread of diseases. 

Our Aircraft Insecticide products (which are used according to World Health Organization recommended disinsection procedures) also help prevent the spread of vector borne diseases through air travel. Aero-Sense is the only manufacturer in the world with an EU approval for sale and use in the EU.

And that’s not all! New products are in the pipeline, such as the Aero-Sense Triple Action Cabin Cleaner, which cleans, disinfects and deodorises all at the same time, in a single convenient 150ml spray bottle. Keep an eye out for it! We’ll be sure to let you know when it launches.

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