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I have written several articles lately about the increased activity in our market. The fact is that flight operations are increasing- charter is starting to work its way back up and aircraft are starting to sell. I have declared a recovery is in process. But what if you are not seeing what I am seeing? What if it still feels like an arctic winter in your business? What should you do to grab the ring?

Jay Mesinger   |   1st April 2010
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I do not want to make light of this for those who are not yet experiencing a return in activity that we all lost during some of 2008 and all of 2009. I do not mean to use clichés to describe the work that each of us must do to be in the game. But I do mean to tell you that if you are not seeing or feeling this difference- the solution can start with you.

I could go on and on quoting an old friend of mine Zig Ziglar- “You have to see it to be it”- and “You have to take that mental picture well before you can take the actual picture with a camera.” Certainly if a return of activity is not happening for you- you may be the last person who can jump out of bed reciting positive phrases to yourself. This article is as much about attitude as it is about practical strategy and tactical plans. This article is about seeing recovery before you can be it.

You really must believe that in order for you and your business to give an impression to those that you call- or who call you that you are a part of the recovering market. You and your business must apply skills and methods that customers and prospects want to associate with and be served by. I promise- it is not magic- and it will not be by accident that you and your business will begin to grab the recovery ring and grow within it. It is about attitude- and of course dedication and focus.

I am well aware of how difficult the last 18 months have been and how a period of no- or low phone activity can diminish one’s attitude or sheer spirit. However- you cannot stay there in that funk. You must exit that frame of mind and change the message that keeps repeating itself trying to figure out the reasons for the past. You must choose to have a “truth in advance moment”. You must be able to see yourself and your business out doing business again. People want to associate with those that are feeling good about what they do- and why they do things.

People want to associate with winners. I want to share with you some tools to practice what I am preaching. These words and thoughts are easy for me to preach since they are practices that I incorporate every day of my life.

Tool #1: Whatever you did yesterday- modify today. If you waited for the phone to ring- wait no longer. Pick up your phone and call an old client or prospect. Say hello; re-introduce yourself and your service.

Tool #2: Don’t talk about the past 18 months- talk about the renewed activity level.

Tool #3: If you have been waiting to have someone come into your facility- but you keep seeing people going to the business next door and not yours- take time today to walk around your facility. Tidy it up. Make it look more inviting today. Then pick up the phone and be pro-active. Invite customers to come for a visit.

Tool #4: Make a lunch date with an old client or prospect for at least three times next week.

Tool #5: If there is an active pilot or airport group at your respective airport- become a member and attend one of their monthly or quarterly meetings or luncheons.

Tool #6: Get involved with local groups- such as the chamber of commerce- and introduce yourself to your neighbors. The bottom line is to build mental concentric circles around your location or trade area- and work your way out into your community.

These may be very difficult changes if you are stuck in a rut. They may seem next to impossible. I assure you they are not. I promise when you hang up from calling an old client or prospect and you get an invitation to stay in touch- it will be so rewarding. It will give you the courage and motivation to make the next call or visit and so it will go.

Put yourself out there. Put yourself in the line of action. One of the most difficult things to do will be to make that first call. I assure you as this new pattern strengthens with each call- so will your enthusiasm for the next call.

Well there you have it - you now have all of my secrets. You can make tomorrow different and be an active part of this emerging recovery. Soon you will be claiming victory for yourself. See you in the market. Congratulations- you made it!


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