The Last Word in Aviation Coating Innovation

Produced from high quality natural diamonds, Sun King Diamond Coating is the latest in a long-line of innovations that have helped to make Alumigrip one of the leading aviation coatings over the last half century.

AvBuyer  |  01st October 2018
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    Aviation Diamond Coating Paint

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    Sun King® Diamond Coating with Alumigrip: The Diamond Standard

    Launched in 2017 as a partnership between Jean Boulle Luxury and AkzoNobel,  Sun King Diamond Coating for Alumigrip is the last word in aviation luxury and customisation.

    Jean Boulle Luxury, part of the Jean Boulle Group, and AkzoNobel both have a long track record of innovation. The Jean Boulle Group has developed innovative materials for use in a wide range of sectors. These include patented technologies for the production of magnesium and nickel/titanium alloys used in the automotive and healthcare industries respectively.

    Alumigrip on the other hand has a 50 year track record of innovation. From the launch of the Alumigrip Basecoat / Clearcoat system to the development of chrome-free coatings and colour-matching technologies Alumigrip has maintained its position as one of the highest quality general aviation coatings.

    After years of research into the process for creating the perfect diamond crystals to transform coatings into sparkling masterpieces; Jean Boulle Luxury and AkzoNobel worked together to combine the diamonds with Alumigrip creating Aviation Grade Sun King Diamond Coating.

    As well as its unique, sparkling appearance Sun King Diamond Coating Alumigrip has the same long service life as standard Alumigrip.

    Sun King Diamond Coating has been designed to be applied using standard industry coating techniques. No specialised equipment is required and Sun King Diamond Coating can be applied in a standard aviation coating facility.

    The qualities of the diamonds in the coating mean that Sun King can be applied as a clear coat on top of any colour a client desires.

    Each application of Sun King Diamond Coating is tailored to meet the precise requirements agreed with individual clients. Jean Boulle Luxury therefore works closely with clients and their designers and expert advisers to create exactly the right bespoke coating.

    Whilst AkzoNobel’s global presence with worldwide supply and technical support network means clients around the world can benefit from the Sun King sparkle.



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