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For those seeking tips, how-to advice, expert insights and comment while planning an upcoming Business Aviation MRO event, AvBuyer introduces the MRO Special Industry Guide, Volume V…

Matt Harris  |  02nd February 2023
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    Matt Harris
    Matt Harris

    Matt Harris is Commissioning Editor for AvBuyer. He is an experienced General and Business Aviation...

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    Private jet mechanic inspects engine

    On behalf of the AvBuyer team, I’d like to introduce our MRO Special Edition (Volume V). We trust you will find the content of this issue informative, brimming with practical tips, insights, and how-to advice to help you prepare for upcoming maintenance work.

    While you may not have immediate maintenance needs, the message is coming over loud and clear from all corners of the industry: plan well ahead of time to avoid unnecessary problems and costs (whether those are monetary or time-related).

    Reading this magazine alone will highlight that bookings for maintenance work should be made at least one year in advance in the current climate. One Aviation Director reports that his Flight Department has a ten-year inspection which will be due in three years’ time, and they’re already in the process of identifying the right MRO provider and which extra tasks they would like to incorporate into that downtime.

    The trouble-free maintenance experience is one planned without complacency. Though it seems some of the elements that helped create the high pressures on maintenance shops around the world are changing, other crucial challenges remain, and it would be unwise to assume shop space will become much freer anytime soon.

    For example, there are several signs that demand in the pre-owned aircraft sales market is beginning to cool, and with it the demand for pre-purchase inspections, but the supply chain issues that have created problems with ordering parts and materials continue.

    And though WingX Advance notes a slight cooling in Business Aviation flight activity towards the end of 2022, the maintenance industry still has an urgent need to increase its staffing levels to get to grips with existing demand.

    Ultimately, there’s no quick fix, and aircraft owners and operators need to be organized when it comes to managing their maintenance needs.

    At a time of general uncertainty around the world (rising costs, wider impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war, and more), aircraft owners and operators need to be more certain than ever when it comes to planning and booking maintenance.

    In Issue V of AvBuyer’s MRO Industry Guide

    As I found out in my discussions with Ryan Huss (Duncan Aviation) and André Ebach (Aero-Dienst) while preparing ‘How to Navigate a Busy Maintenance Scene in 2023’, when you agree the scope of a maintenance project with your provider and book the date for aircraft input, it’s essential to resist the temptation to reschedule or alter the project. You’ll find the reasons why, along with other important advice on avoiding maintenance frustration beginning on Page 8.

    A big part of planning with certainty is knowing the mistakes to avoid, and Chris Kjelgaard speaks to industry insiders to help expose some of the more common errors an aircraft owner/operator should see when it comes to planning for an engine overhaul (Page 16).

    Meanwhile, much has been said about the peace of mind and cost predictability an engine maintenance program can bring aircraft owners. Gerrard Cowan speaks to a panel of experts to help weigh the ‘Cost versus Benefit of Engine Maintenance Programs’. So, if you’ve wondered whether enrolment would make sense for your operation, read more on Page 30.

    An alternative to overhaul for operators of several older Pratt & Whitney-powered aircraft could be an engine exchange. But who is this option ideal for, and at what point does it make financial sense as an alternative option? Find out on Page 38.

    If you’re planning your next maintenance project far enough in advance, there’s time to plan other elements of the aircraft that can be modified or upgraded.

    For example, when the cabin interior is removed for more extensive work could be an ideal time to consider an upgrade to the cabin connectivity system that’s been frustratingly slow. What is available for your aircraft cabin-size, and are there any helpful tips to keep in mind relating to such an upgrade? Brian Wilson shares insights on Page 48.

    Perhaps it’s the Flight Deck that needs upgrading. Flight Departments can have a tougher time justifying the cost of this type of maintenance work because the passengers who pay for the aircraft don’t necessarily see the benefit. Ken Elliott shares five areas for consideration when contemplating a panel upgrade, and how these can provide a solid business case for the upgrade (Page 56).

    And finally, MRO is a vital part of the services aircraft manufacturers offer operators of their aircraft, thereby ensuring the ongoing success and popularity of their jets on the market. We’ll illustrate with a look at how Dassault has increased its maintenance support globally (Page 62).

    The AvBuyer team hopes you will find this edition helpful and insightful in planning towards your next maintenance event. Don’t forget that if you’d like to read more, you can access previous MRO Special editions via the digital edition portal on our homepage.

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