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What are the Used Aircraft Sales Trends - Q3 2016?

Update on the used aircraft sales markets…

Fletcher Aldredge   |   14th October 2016
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Fletcher Aldredge Fletcher Aldredge

Fletcher Aldredge is publisher of the Vref Aircraft Value Reference, the industry’s modern price...
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If you look at the Business Aviation market as a whole, it sure doesn’t seem to be that exciting notes Vref’s Fletcher Aldredge. However, there certainly are some positive things happening right now…

Among the positives occurring in Business Aviation, Cessna delivered its 7,000th Citation worldwide while the G280 logged a speed record from Grand Rapids, MI to Luton, England in 7 hours at Mach 0.82, boosting the jet’s record-breaking tally to 54.

On July 8th, Honda earned its production certificate from the FAA and is ready to ramp up production of the HondaJet. On July 15th, third party medical reform was signed, and activity for the light single engine piston market has picked up somewhat. Sales for the light piston twin market are also improving while values for the overall single piston market are holding steady.

In the past year, the light single aircraft has actually gone up in value very slightly by 0.12%. Values for the twin have risen by 3.16%. Jet values on the other hand, not so much…

In a market that has been plagued by slow growth in the past few years, sometimes it’s easy to forget that any growth is always better than none. There are definitely good and exciting possibilities happening.

Change in Used Aircraft Value

Aircraft by the Numbers

How is the total number of aircraft ‘For Sale’ affecting today’s market? That number is directly impacting the values of planes, especially Large jets. With an increasing inventory, there are several key things that can be done to make sure that yours doesn’t sit on the market too long.

• Price aggressively.

• Use a reputable broker. (They can provide a complete analysis and market your airplane in the manner needed to spark the interest of the right buyer and help with many purchase details.)

• Be flexible and keep your eye on the prize. The transaction is not complete until the airplane has a new captain.

Used Aircraft Value Trends

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