Check out this Stylish Boeing 787-8 Interior…

Have you ever wondered what having your own private Boeing 787 would be like? What would you do with all of the cabin space? Perhaps this VVIP Boeing 787-8, currently available for sale with Global Jet Monaco, will inspire you…

Matt Harris  |  10th November 2021
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Matt Harris
Matt Harris

Matt Harris is Commissioning Editor for AvBuyer. He is an experienced General and Business Aviation...

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Boeing 787-8 in hangar

While the VIP-airliner segment has been in the doldrums for many years, Hardy Sohanpal, Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Global Jet Monaco reveals a growing demand recently.

“The demand is due to the lack of inventory in the corporate jet market, the reduced commercial airline network, and buyers preferring more space,” he suggests.

But the demand isn’t just coming from corporations, Sohanpal adds. “We are also seeing a pick-up in demand from governments in this sector.” Knowledgeable buyers are beginning to see the benefits of the range and reliability of jetliners, he explains.

Manufactured in 2010, recertified and delivered by Boeing in 2014, the cabin of this virtually new, low-hours aircraft – which offers a non-stop range of up to 7,500nm – provides capacity for 80 passengers.

The Boeing 787 stands out for its low carbon footprint. According to, it produces 20-30% lower CO2 emissions than many of its airline contemporaries. Moreover, the Boeing 787 is exceptionally quiet, making a 60% smaller noise footprint compared to the jets it was introduced to replace in the industry.

With a cabin stretching 7.54ft high, 18ft wide, and 131ft long, there’s plenty to explore aboard this VIP-configured jet. Among the many highlights are a plush Presidential office, bedroom, lavatory and shower, and overhead flight crew and flight attendant rest areas.

The aircraft’s cabin offers a fully integrated in-flight entertainment and cabin management system throughout, incorporates seven 42-inch monitors that are positioned through its various zones, and 87 11-inch seat and table monitors.

To the front of the cabin, positioned just behind the cockpit is a sizeable galley equipped to cater for a full load of up to 80 guests, while eight lavatories are installed (in addition to the one located in the presidential suite).

Walking up the airstairs to enter the jet and turning right into the cabin past the galley, we come to the first cabin zone, known as the ‘Working Group Cabin’.

Working Group Cabin

The ‘Working Group’ area provides 17 leather seats, eight of which are configured in two club-four arrangements, set around high-gloss finished wood tables which can extend to offer more work or dining space, as needed.

Three additional seat pairs – two forward-facing, and one aft-facing – are located within the Working Group Cabin. All seats incorporate their own arm-mounted monitor providing each occupant with individual in-flight entertainment.

An additional three flight attendant seats are located to the rear of the Working Group Cabin, which is adorned with a high-quality VIP carpet running throughout.

“A large TV monitor for meetings and presentations is installed in the Working Group cabin, making it ideal for productivity,” says Nicolas Jaccard, Airbus & Boeing Technical and Completion Manager for Global Jet’s sales and acquisitions office. “In addition, there’s a media/communications room, set within the zone.”

VIP Lounge

Moving further down the cabin, we come to the second zone – the VIP Lounge. “This is the perfect set-up for multiple purposes, including organizing meetings, working, or dining and relaxing,” Jaccard points out.

Offering 24 high-end leather-clad seats, this area has an orderly, aesthetically smart appearance and comprises of six groups of club-four seating. The VIP seats can fully recline so that they are fully flat, thereby enabling passengers to rest and sleep comfortably, while each has its own integrated in-flight entertainment monitor.

Each club-four seating arrangement is set around high-gloss wooden tables that can fold out to accommodate additional dining or workspace.

Dedicated VVIP Area

Of course, no VVIP airplane would be complete without a dedicated exclusive space, and behind the VIP lounge, a hallway, incorporating wood-veneer storage units, provides access to the Chairman’s Office.

Here, a principal seat faces a two-seat leather divan, with a desk positioned between them. By swivelling the principal seat 90 degrees to the side, the occupant can face a side desk area, facilitating private dining or additional workspace when required.

“The principal seat can be directed to the desk for working, or facing the divan for a face-to-face meeting,” Margo de Kalbermatten, Marketing Manager for Global Jet Monaco elaborates. “A 43-inch monitor is also installed in this office area for presentations or for entertainment.”

Meanwhile, to the right of the desk area, closet doors covered with high-gloss wood veneer, open to reveal a foldaway treadmill.

Opposite, and to one side of the divan, a doorway leads aft into a private bedroom that is equipped with a double bed.

Beyond that, a spacious shower unit can be found, which utilizes fresh water from a separate water tank, along with a private lavatory. 

The bathroom features a stone floor, and a marble top for the vanity unit. All metal parts, including the taps have a stylish chrome finish.

“The VVIP area is a very quiet space, offering full privacy and VIP material selection for the seating, divan and bulkheads,” de Kalbermatten adds. “The high-gloss wood veneer is in a perfect/new condition, while the hallway outside incorporates a wooden floor.”

Working Group/Press Lounge

Retracing our steps back through the VVIP bedroom and office, we re-enter the hallway and proceed aft into our final cabin zone – the Working Group/Press Lounge, which incorporates 42 seats set out in pairs across the cabin.

“These are business-class seats with individual in-flight entertainment monitors, and tables for each seat,” de Kalbermatten explains. “A large overhead storage space is also provided for each passenger.

“The cabin has seen just 1,700 hours’ usage since it was newly completed,” Bjorn Naberhuis, Vice President of Business Development at Global Jet Monaco summarizes.

“The in-flight entertainment is high-end, with both local (USB) and global (HDMI) sources.”

Exclusively available to buy now via Global Jet, this Boeing 787 is likely to be an attractive option to buy on the pre-owned market, since it can take anywhere between two to four years to receive a VIP-configured Boeing 787 if ordered new from the manufacturer.

And with a cabin in such good condition as this one, the aircraft would provide its lucky owner a genuine turn-key solution.

VIP-Airliner Expertise

Currently, Global Jet has 15 VIP-configured airliners under management, and has a dedicated department which specializes in the segment. The department incorporates both technical and aircraft completions teams.

During its 20 years in business, Global Jet has been involved in the design and completions process of more than 40 VIP aircraft on behalf of its clients, helping them navigate the complex process of designing, building and taking delivery of an aircraft’s interior to precise and exact specifications.

Interested in hearing/seeing more information about this Boeing 787-8? Contact call +377 97 77 0104, or visit

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