The Private Jet Buyers’ Guides

Are you buying a business jet? Do you need to know more about specific models? Check out the AvBuyer Jet Buyers' Guides detailing the important specifications to help refine your search. Our overview offers insights into how the measurements are taken for each guide...

Matt Harris  |  Updated: 3rd Nov 2021
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Matt Harris
Matt Harris

Matt Harris is Commissioning Editor for AvBuyer. He is an experienced General and Business Aviation...

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The Jet Buyers Guide Overview

Welcome to our Jet Buyer's’Guides

The information provided for each jet guide is sourced either from the aircraft manufacturer or from Conklin & de Decker with the aim of providing prospective buyers a general overview of a used jet model’s important performance and specifications data. We’ll also offer some general background information on each jet.

The guides are written to cover many of the main areas buyers look for when selecting potential jets to meet their mission need, including range, payload, speed, cabin data and runway performance.

What is the Jet’s Range?
Within our Buyer’s Guides, we mostly offer two different range measurements, both of which are sourced from Conklin & de Decker. These include:

  • Range (four passengers): This is defined as the maximum IFR range of the aircraft with four passenger seats occupied, using the NBAA IFR fuel reserve calculation for a 200nm alternate.
  • Range Seats Full: The maximum range possible when all passenger seats are occupied.

What is the Jet’s Payload?
When selecting the right jet, prospective buyers need to find the right balance between carrying enough fuel to travel the required range and having enough payload capacity left over to carry the passengers and luggage needed for that trip.

Our guides provide details – courtesy of Conklin & de Decker – of what the available remaining payload is for each jet when fully fuelled, equating that to passengers and baggage capacity.

From here, a prospective buyer can begin to gain a better idea of how far the jet’s range might stretch (or shrink) with a typical passenger quota on board.

How do you measure a  Jet’s Speed?
While speed differences can be relatively nominal over short-range trips, over longer-haul flights they can be an important factor for a buyer to consider.

Within our guides we provide information on long-range cruise speed (defined as the manufacturer’s recommended cruise speed for maximum range), as well as normal cruise speed. These measurements are sourced from Conklin & de Decker and specified in knots.

What is the Jet’s Cabin Volume and Capacity?
Passenger comfort is especially important for longer-range business jets, while for smaller jets it can be important how efficiently limited cabin volumes are utilized.

We’ll consider the number of seats available in typical executive configuration, per Conklin & de Decker. Cabin dimensions are provided from the same source, and are measured as follows:

  • Cabin Width and Height: Taken at the widest/tallest point in the cabin and representing a maximum height and width measurement.
  • Cabin Length: For ‘cabin class’ jets, cabin length is taken from the cockpit divider to the aft pressure bulkhead. For jets without a cabin and cockpit divider, measurements are taken from the cockpit firewall to the aft bulkhead.
  • Cabin Volume: The number stipulated is for the interior space of the cabin with its headliner in place, without chairs or other furnishings.
  • Baggage Volume: Both internal (accessible luggage storage) and external (non-accessible baggage space) are included in our guides and measured in cubic feet.

Why is Runway Performance Important?
In short, you’ll need to know the runway length required by your jet so you know which airports you can safely operate to and from, and which you can’t with the jet you’re considering buying.

Can I Compare a Featured Jet with Similar Aircraft?
Where available, we provide a link to a Jets Comparison published on AvBuyer in the past, comparing many of the above performance and specifications details directly with competing jets on the market.

You can browse the complete AvBuyer library of Jets Comparisons here

Alternatively, check out our FAQs section at the bottom of each
 Buyer’s Guide.

Need to find out more ..... read more on all these models in our Jet Price Guides here. And find the very latest jets for sale on our Search pages.

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