Gulfstream G450 Jet Buyer’s Guide

Why Buy a G450?

Updated: 14th Dec 2023

Gulfstream G450 Buyer's Guide

Maximum Range
4425 nm
Payload - Full Fuel LBS
2719 lb
Seats (Executive)
Long Range Cruise
445 Ktas
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The AvBuyer Opinion: Essentially, the Gulfstream G450 is a comfortable, flexible aircraft for business or personal use.

Matt Harris

Flight Range

Gulfstream G450 has a full range of 4425 nm and a long-range cruise for 445 KTAS.

Gulfstream G450 specifications

Variable Cost
Cabin Width FT
Landing Dist FT
Range NM
Cabin Length FT
Engine Manufacturer
Rolls Royce
Range – Seats Full N.M.
Cabin Volume CU FT
Engine Model
TAY 611-8C
Baggage Vol.Ext CU FT
B.O.W W/Crew LBS
Seats Executive
R.O.C All Engines FT PER MIN
Payload - Full Fuel LBS
Crew / Passengers
R.O.C 1 x Engine Out FT PER MIN
Normal Cruise Speed KTAS
Door Height FT
Useable Fuel LBS
L/Range Cruise Speed KTAS
Door Width FT
Max. Cruise Speed KTAS
Cabin Height FT
Balanced Field Length FT

Data courtesy of Conklin & de Decker

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FAQ: Gulfstream G450

  • How many passengers can fly on a G450?

    Though a Gulfstream G450 can seat as many as 19 passengers, a much more comfortable interior lay-out allows for 14. The cabin can be divided into three different sections, and the jet can comfortably sleep five-six overnight travellers.

  • How many Gulfstream G450s are in operation?

    Manufactured between 2003 and 2017, Gulfstream built 354 Gulfstream G450s. All are currently in operation according to JETNET, October 2022 data. North America is home to about 60% of the fleet, while Asia-Pacific accounts for another ~25% of the fleet, highlighting the jet’s popularity for its long-range capabilities.

  • How do I find a G450 for sale?

    You can find Gulfstream G450 jet for sale via AvBuyer’s G450 page.

    Or you can search for a dealer who specializes in Gulfstream models. They’ll provide you with a deeper knowledge of the G450 marketplace, including how the price of one jet on the market compares to others; identifying options that may not be listed on the open market; and help ensure you get the best value for your money.


  • Can I charter a Gulfstream G450s and try before I buy?

    If you haven’t owned a Gulfstream G450 before it’s a great idea to charter first. This will help you appreciate whether this is the right aircraft for your mission profile. How far you will travel on each trip, how much baggage room you will need, and most importantly how comfortable the aircraft is for a typical trip.


  • Which is the best engine maintenance program for a G450?

    When the time comes to renew the hourly engine maintenance program coverage, there are two choices:

    Since the Gulfstream G450 is powered by a pair of TAY611-8C engines, Rolls-Royce provides an hourly engine maintenance program called CorporateCare.

    Alternatively, you might prefer to enrol your aircraft with a third-party hourly maintenance cost program provider like JSSI.

    When buying aircraft, look for jets which are already enrolled on such programs and check out what is covered by the existing program before buying your Gulfstream G450.

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