End of Jet Charter Monopoly for B2B Marketplaces

Charter brokers and aircraft operators typically tackle large amounts of groundwork, only some of which translates into actual deals. Given this and other market factors, the passionate aviation industry experts behind VOO decided to address some of the fundamental problems of Business Aviation.

AvBuyer  |  26th July 2023
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    VOO has created, developed and launched its revolutionary VOO marketplace, an affordable, original alternative B2B solution for brokers and operators.

    The VOO toolkit reflects genuine market needs, and VOO is rapidly finding its natural place in the industry providing a charter flight booking solution for Business Aviation professionals.

    VOO, a New Generation B2B Marketplace

    The existing monopoly in the charter sales B2B marketplace formed naturally because of the market’s narrow specifics. The various new platforms on the market that offer tools and services for charter sales may appear as software at first glance, but upon closer inspection prove to be mere intermediaries with a certain amount of customer support.

    Before VOO came on the market, there was no truly new original product to meet the needs of the professional certified charter brokers and business jet operators. Therefore, the pricing policy – raising prices and cutting services – was conducted unilaterally, essentially without consequences.

    The launch of VOO changes this situation as VOO deliberately offers below-market prices. Additionally, VOO provides setup assistance and any support from customer care, covering not only the price issue, but also the quality of service.

    VOO, the affordable alternative, is an original product – a fully automated B2B marketplace that offers a specific toolkit for charter flight bookings. By registering on VOO, you as an air charter broker or an aircraft operator will get better prices, real-time data access and unparalleled logistical calculations unmatched by any other service.

    How Does VOO Work in Your Favor?

    VOO optimizes operators’ fleets by combining scheduled flights with new bookings, as well as rationally using available empty legs. 

    The flight time calculation performed by VOO is very accurate. Instead of providing broad-brush estimates routes are calculated factoring specific details such as headwinds and tailwinds and costs such as fuel stops are also accounted for.

    The efficiency of the VOO software is reinforced by the automatic calculation of accurate quotes, handling and managing of bookings, and VOO’s encrypted smart data transfer technology that enables instant, centralized communication running on European servers (GDPR compliant). Optimum speed, high security data transfer is therefore ensured.

    By choosing VOO, you not only benefit from the new generation of B2B marketplaces with its automatic calculations, but in fact as a broker you save up to two hours per day (on average) on flight bookings, and as an operator up to 90-95% of your time invested in booking efforts.

    VOO offers a unique selection of settings with which users can customize the output and maximize the efficiency of the automatic price calculations performed by the software.

    Thanks to VOO, all the calculations are made directly during the flight search and are done by selecting a possible flight and setting a margin, after which VOO automatically calculates the final price.

    The availability and valid prices will be displayed in the overview immediately. All communication is done on one page without the need to switch between systems, and all data is available effortlessly and in real time, visible to all parties involved, and is stored in chronological order. There is no need to switch to calculation tools or call back. Everything happens in real time directly on VOO.

    Thus, no data is left out during the calculations, and you no longer have to double-check anything. Both broker and operator have the same degree of data access and equal understanding of developments since each business request is assigned to its own flight folder.

    The In-house Development Team Advantage

    Although VOO doesn’t yet have a significant presence on the market, its goal is to respond quickly to the market’s needs and to provide charter brokers and aircraft operators with the services they are most interested in.

    The advantage of VOO comes from its agile in-house development team and the use of self-generated data. This allows VOO to develop and release a new feature, tailored to the current user needs, in a short time.

    In addition, the own-development team ensures a high level of product development quality as well as the necessary control over the security of the revolutionary know-how in B2B business charter, which cannot be guaranteed with outsourcing developers. 

    Moreover, VOO strives to support the local economy, while limiting other risks associated with the high level of secrecy in software development.

    As an in-house product, VOO is completely original and is based on the first-hand data and expertise of the founders – long-time aviation professionals and aviation industry natives.

    Because of their extensive experience in aviation, VOO’s executives have a competitive advantage over most other industry players, have an excellent understanding of the industry and can quickly and accurately identify pain points. This initially sparked the idea of VOO and now defines the development and specification of the product’s new features and functionalities.

    More information from www.voo.aero

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