How Cirrus Perception Changed the Special Missions Market

Cirrus Aircraft revolutionized the Special Missions aircraft market when it introduced its cost-effective, dual-use Cirrus Perception. Discover more about how the platform is utilized across a variety of industries here...

AvBuyer  |  25th February 2019
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    Cirrus Piston Single Special Missions Aircraft

    Cirrus Aircraft revolutionized the Special Missions aircraft market when it introduced its cost-effective, dual-use Cirrus Perception. Discover more about how the platform is utilized across a variety of industries here...
    Born from a small barn in Baraboo, Wisconsin came a company that would revolutionise General Aviation aircraft and bring an unparalleled product to the industry. From the beginning, Cirrus Aircraft has been committed to delivering an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality and safety.
    This vision has led Cirrus to become one of the bestselling aircraft manufacturers in the world. In 2016, Cirrus was able to bring that same approach to special mission aviation.
    The Cirrus Perception

    At the foundation of Cirrus Aircraft is the motivation and focus to always be looking for ways to improve and enhance the products and services the company provides to its customers.
    In 2014, Cirrus expanded this vision in announcing a revolutionary, cost-effective, dual-use solution for special mission applications - the Cirrus Perception. The design of the Perception focused on missions such as airborne traffic and law enforcement operations, aerial surveying, mapping and photography, search and rescue missions, disaster management and support, border surveillance and many more.
    By July of 2016, Cirrus achieved FAA type certification for the Cirrus Perception special mission platform and the first aircraft was delivered shortly thereafter to the Minnesota State Patrol.
    The Cirrus Perception starts with the most sophisticated models of single engine aircraft in the world, the Cirrus SR22 and SR22T, equipped with the Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin flight deck.
    Operators have the opportunity to tailor the aircraft to host an array of lightweight, compact sensor and user-station options including multi-spectral imaging systems with ultra-long range and electro-optical infrared capabilities.
    The Cirrus Sensor Mounting System (SMS) can accommodate a wide array of third-party sensors and is designed to be modular, removable and reconfigurable. Cirrus has also partnered with expert third-party companies who deliver comprehensive equipment and payload integration services for Perception customers.
    The market introduction of the Perception platform provides special mission operators with the most technologically-advanced and cost-effective aircraft available. Missions that would have formerly needed large, multi-million-dollar turbine aircraft or rotorcraft in order to carry dated, heavier technology can now utilise compact, advanced lightweight systems that Cirrus Perception supports.
    In addition to the special mission features, Perception-tailored aircraft come loaded with all the other benefits that come standard in the SR22 and SR22T airplanes.
    These features include the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck, 210+ knot cruise speeds, Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) capability, a useful load in excess of 1,300 pounds, optional air conditioning, and the widest, most comfortable cabin in its class.
    “Special Mission operators are continually looking for ways to improve their mission capabilities while reducing operational costs,” said David Moser, Vice President of Fleet and Special Mission Aircraft Sales at Cirrus Aircraft.
    “Cirrus Perception delivers on both fronts and sets the new global benchmark as the most capable, flexible and cost-effective ISR platform available today.”
    As aerial sensor and observation systems are quickly becoming more advanced, as well as lighter, more compact and affordable; missions that previously required heavier, more expensive, platforms can now be flown with the Cirrus SR22 and SR22T.
    With an innovative sensor mounting system, which is designed to be removed and reconfigured in minutes, operators can reconfigure the aircraft with different sensors or remove them entirely to make a “clean” configuration. It is one aircraft that can fulfil multiple missions.
    “Cirrus Perception is revolutionary in the special mission market,” continued Moser. “Our customers in military, law enforcement, surveillance, search and rescue, land surveying and more can look forward to the adaptable nature of the Perception. We are excited to see this new platform utilised across a variety of industries.
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