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ADAC-Luftrettung GmbH

languages • English, German
For fifty years ADAC Luftfahrt Technik (ALT) has been specialising in helicopter and components service and maintenance. Founded as “Air Lloyd” in 1963, ALT moved to new premises at Bonn-Hangelar aerodrome in 1970. In the early sixties, the company’s profile changed from it formerly mainly being an agrarian aviation company to ADAC Luftrettung’s partner. To begin with, ADAC Luftrettung took a share in the company in the early nineties to then completely take over the aviation engineering operation in1996.

Ever since 1996, the company has been continuously expanding and, meanwhile, has more than tripled its turnover. To date, ALT’ maintenance premises have approx.130 employees. ALT, with the Hangelar parent company and branches at... read more
Airbus/Eurocopter BK 117 C-2

Year: 2003
S/N: 9029
TTAF: 7.806

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ADAC-Luftrettung GmbH
+49 (0) 2241 9279-0