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CJC was founded in Summer 2021 with the aim of bringing further transparency to the business jet marketplace, and to help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape which has become even more apparent in recent years.

The team has always seen trust as the key component in an aircraft transaction. Having most recently enjoyed success at one of Europe's leading aircraft sales companies, their skill at obtaining repeat business and referrals gave them the ability to establish their consultancy firm.

CJC believes that the personalised touch in the aircraft sales domain has been diluted over the years, together with some loss of core values and principles, especially as and when a business expands. The pandemic has brought about such an increase in market activity that complacency has slowly set in and, in some cases, the client is viewed as a commodity.

CJC has the knowledge, global contacts, and credibility to overcome virtually any hurdle that goes hand in hand with aircraft transaction. Stuart and Max pride themselves on building long-

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