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United Aircraft
+55 11 94192 5135Rua Pedro Barsaneli, 119 - Jundiaí - SP - Brasil - CEP 13216-620, Brazil

LANGUAGES • English, Portuguese, Spanish

The founders and professional pilots Marcus Graciotti and Bruno Voss have more than 20 years of experience in the aviation market, which reflects their expertise in various machines and types of operations. With such operational experiences, added to aircraft management, we are qualified to provide full consultancy in the acquisition of aircraft, assisting our clients assertively.

Therefore, United Aircraft dominates the entire aircraft purchase and sales chain, starting from choosing the model that best adapts to the customer's operational needs, budget, purchase and sale contracts, pre-purchase inspection, acceptance and training. of crew.

In addition to achieving numerous successful deals nationwide, United Aircraft also has strong experience in international cases, where it dominates bilateral agreements between ANAC, FAA, EASA and other regulatory agencies around the world.

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