2008 Agusta A109E Power for sale, Iraq

Agusta A109E Power Exterior
Agusta A109E Power Exterior
Agusta A109E Power Exterior
Agusta A109E Power Exterior
Agusta A109E Power Interior
Agusta A109E Power Interior
Agusta A109E Power Cockpit
Deal pending
Middle East, Iraq

Aircraft Description


  • VIP Config w/ Aircon
  • 600 lb Hoist Provisions
  • Emergency Floats Provisions
  • Light EMS Kits w/ Full EMS provisions

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Pratt & Whitney PW206C

Engine 1
S/N: PCE-BC0315
TSN: 2927

Engine 2
S/N: PCE-BC0497
TSN: 2862
    Dual King KX-165
    Honeywell C-14A Compass
    Honeywell SP-711 3-axis AFCS
    Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeter Transceiver
    King KT-73 Mode S ATC Transponder
    BFGoodrich TAS-497 TCAS Computer
    King KR-87 ADF Receiver
    VOR/MKR Receiver
    King KDM-706A DME Interrogator
    Trimble 2101 I/O GPS Receiver
    EDU (2)
    EFIS(3, Qty-01 under maintenance)
    Helipilot Computer (2)
    F/D Computer (Type FZ-702)
    King KMD-550 moving map
    Cobham CH150 TETRA provisions
    Standby ADI
    vertical gyro(2)
    Agusta/Gemelli intercom
    King KMR-675 marker bacon
    Air speed indicator(2)
    Vertical speed indicator(2)
    Artex C406-2HM 3-frequency ELT(1)
    Pilot/copilot on command EFIS switch
    EEC (2)
    Engine control panel
    Fuel system control panel
    Force trim
    Artificial feel system
    Radio master switch
    Dual controls
    ADS-B Out
    Anti-reflection instrument panel
    Adjustable directional pedals
    Cyclic & collective controls w/adjustable friction devices
    Instrument lights w/dimming switch Flight manual
    Dual headsets
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Air conditioning
    Dual inverters
    Leather seating, dual foldable forward-facing seats w/headsets & reversible pilot/copilot seat w/headsets
    Headliner w/soundproofing & EMS provisions
    Rubber flooring w/rails & drains, aluminum alloy honeycomb reinforced floor w/anti-skid finish
    Medical cabinet w/oxygen system provisions, reclined aft bulkhead
    Aft EMS liner w/rails, side liners w/EMS provisions
    Bench panels w/aft EMS provisions & stretcher lock
    Three active noise reduction headsets
    Ram air ventilation inlets
    3-point shoulder harnesses w/inertia reels, crew lap belts
    Fire extinguisher
    White w/blue trim
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Pop-out float provisions
    Hoist provisions w/step bar
    1.9-meter baggage compartment extension
    Cargo net provisions
    Window sliders
    Fuel cap w/key lock
    Aluminum alloy tail boom
    LH & RH hinged-Jettisonable crew doors
    LH & RH passenger sliding doors w/Jettisonable windows
    Acrylic windshield & side windows
    Acrylic overhead windows
    Removable-fiberglass tail rotor gearbox fairing
    Quick-removable tail rotor drive shaft cover
    3-wheel retractable landing gear
    Interchangeable landing gear tires
    Baggage compartment w/hinged door & lights
    Three jacking points
    Ground points
    Quick-opening hinged inspection doors
    Removable fairing & cowlings
    Rotor brake
    Engine fire detection system
    Pulsed chip detectors
    Lubrication & cooling system
    Dual engine oil chip detectors
    Three fuel cells
    Dual submerged fuel boost pump
    Engine-mounted fuel control & governor
    Fuel pump & oil pumps w/assemblies
    Ground fuel drains
    RH refueling point
    Easy access fuel filter
    Two stage transmission
    Single-stage bevel gear tail rotor 90-degree gearbox
    Transmission cooling & lubrication system
    Two freewheeling units
    Two hydraulic pumps (transmission-mounted)
    Titanium metal main rotor hub
    Steel metal tail rotor hub
    Hydraulic anti-torque system
    24-volt DC nicad battery
    Two 160-amp self-cooled starter generators
    Battery relay
    Dual voltage regulators
    Dual interconnecting bus relays
    Aural warning generator system
    Pilot/copilot windshield wipers w/cyclic grip control
    Engine compartment fire extinguishers
    Tail boom strake
    First aid kit
    Fuel drain electrical valves
    Pitot tube covers
    Air intake/exhaust covers
    Tie-down fittings
    Wheel chocks
    Ground tools w/tow bar & lifting tool
    External power relay
    External power receptacle
    Distribution buses
    Inlet barrier filter (Donaldson)

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