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Cessna 172 for Sale

Manufactured since 1956 and with over 40,000 built, the Cessna 172 is a solid and reliable four seater, widely used by private owners and clubs. It has been constantly modified with different tails, rear view windows etc. and with engines from 145 hp to 180 hp. With big flaps, it is easy to fly and the current 172S has a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.

172 Specifications
  • User Id
  • Max. Cruise Speed KTAS
  • Baggage Vol.Ext CU FT:
  • Balanced Field Length FT:
  • B.O.W W/Crew LBS
  • Cabin Volume CU FT
  • Door Height FT:
  • Door Width FT:
  • Landing Dist FT:
  • L/Range Cruise Speed KTAS:
  • Normal Cruise Speed KTAS:
  • Payload - Full Fuel LBS:
  • Range – Seats Full N.M.:
  • Seats Executive
  • VFR Range NM
  • Variable Cost Per Hour $:
  • Engine Manufacturer
  • Engine Model
  • R.O.C All Engines FT PER MIN
  • Engines
  • Useable Fuel LBS:
  • Crew / Passengers
  • Cabin Height FT
  • Cabin Width FT
  • Cabin Length FT
All data courtesy of Conklin & de Decker

What is the price of a Cessna 172 ?

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All data courtesy of Aircraft Bluebook
  • Comfort:
    Name: Andy Webster (Both)
      0      0   
    Location: United Kingdom
    Model Year: 1986

    Have owned the plane for nearly 6 years and fly most week-ends- approx 520 hours-flown to most islands in the British isles- from the Scilly isles to Unst (Shetlands) including Lundy isle and beach landing Barra- also all countries from the North cape (Norway) to the Canary Isles. The only glitch was the loss of my rectifier in Norway- sorted in 4 hours. The plane (a Hawk-6 cylinder injected vp prop ) will take off and land in less than 300 mts-can economy cruise at 110 knts -7 usa galls-climb at 1000 fpm@100knts-2 up.A very good machine for long distance cruising-but also excellent for rough short field landings.would recommend it to any one-very economical -excellent visability. This is my third aircraft. Wish it had been my first.Probably will be my last...

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    Submitted on 30/10/2014
  • Comfort:
    Name: Tiago Vinagre (Pilot)
      0      0   
    Location: Portugal
    Model Year: 1980

    The best!

    Submitted on 30/10/2014
  • Comfort:
    Name: Timo Garstman (Pilot)
      0      0   
    Location: Netherlands
    Model Year: 1977

    World famous Cessna 172 - easy to fly,  forgiving plane - wonderful view as well as for the passengers. I think anyone who flies or has flown this type of aircraft agrees on its friendly handling and fine performance on short distance flights

    Submitted on 30/10/2014
  • Comfort:
    Name: Martin Leusby (Both)
      0      0   
    Location: United Kingdom
    Model Year: 1969

    We just celebrated our silver “wedding”. 25 years of pure flying pleasure. Every pilot will know the Cessna 172 and many will think of it as the Ford Mondeo of the skies- but it gets in and out of anywhere- hard or soft- and cruises in comfort with a great payload. Everything is fixed and welded so maintenance is relatively cheap- and because there have been more than 43-000 built- spares are easy. Being a Rheims Cessna- she’s corrosion proofed from the start. Those trained on low wing aircraft tend to stick to low wing- and some do look sexier- but a high wing gives shade in the sun and shelter in the rain – to say nothing of the better downward visibility. The only previous glitch was that being built in 1969 she had the old Continental 145 HP engine - so was smooth but a little underpowered. We changed all that four years ago- with an Air Plains conversion to 180 HP from a Lycoming O-360-A4M - and now she’ll fly at 130 knots straight and level at maximum power. And the Madras Air Services wingtips make her hard to stall and allow exceptionally slow flight – the extra stability creates a great instrument platform too. Economy cruise is 110 knots burning 35 litres. With new paint and glass she thinks she’s a 182 and can perform pretty closely for less fuel burn. So I’ve got an aeroplane suitable for training- for touring- for instrument flying and rallying – all at one low price and affordable running costs. With her age- there are bonuses. Early 172s were much lighter than present production- and have 40 degrees of flap available. Although the newer models boast 180 HP too- they are lifting a much heavier empty weight to start with- so the short field performance- climb rate and economy make mine better than new. There are very few Air Plains 180 HP conversions in Europe – so if you see one in AvBuyer- act quickly – it won’t be around for long!

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    Submitted on 30/10/2014
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  • Pyxis Aviation Group

  • Multiple C172s, 1997-2001.  Please call today.

  • £129,995
    No VAT
  • United Kingdom, Europe, For Sale by Flightline Aviation Limited
    No VAT
  • Flightline Aviation are proud to present this beautiful Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP for sale.  This late model 172SP is a stunning example which...

  • Year 2001
  • S/N 172S8929
  • TTAF 2395hrs
  • Please Call
  • Australia & NZ, For Sale by Oceania Aviation
  • We are now taking orders for Piper Warrior and Cessna 172R aircraft to undergo our Continental CD-155 Engine Upgrade programme. With your choice...

  • Year 2000
  • S/N
  • TTAF 0