1977 Cessna 180 for sale, Italy

Price: €390,000 No VAT
Europe, Italy

Aircraft Description

Built in 1977, flown from the US to Europe soon afterwards, based for a while in southern UK, N180WJ
finally landed in Italy in 2016; taken away from blue skies and green grass airfields, in year 2017, from
January to June, it underwent a meticulous refurbishment process; by the hands of
competent, pernickety professionals. Not a single screw, cable nor switch was left untouched. The
engine was disassembled, inspected and refurbished where necessary. All spar and ribs,
crossbow, gear and proprller assemblies where overhauled, refurbished or replaced with new. Chassis and load-carrying structures were borescoped,  to confirm their complete integrity. For the eyes, the old paint livery came off, which was about sixteen kilos of paint,and the entire aircraft was repainted with the current colour scheme.  And because we are talking about what arguably is the most beautiful C180 in the world, the cabin was refitted with entirely leather interior, their current state 9 out of 10, likely 10 out of 10. The flight deck is full glass cockpit, full-IFR; equipment offering the pilot a vast and advanced array of flight management support, making
instrumentation as good as an executive jet or even better. Performance-wise, thanks to the superior restoration job and maintenance always carried out according to the highest standards, N180WJ is capable of taking off at full-load in about 780 feet,under ISA condition,climb 1000ft/min,  cruise at 9500 feet, burning only 12.5 USG/H and giving 135 KIAS.

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Registration Number:N190WJ
Serial Number: 18052873
Aircraft Total Time: 3228
Engine Time: TT 3228 TSOH 469
Engine Type: Continental O-470-U – 230HP – SN 465945
Propeller Time: TT 1755 TSOH 469
Propeller Type: McCauley C2A34C – SN 060494
Annual Due: 16th June 2023
Useful Load: 935 Lbs


Engine Time: TT 3228 TSOH 469
Engine Type: Continental O-470-U – 230HP – SN 465945
  • Maintenance & Inspections
    June 2022 - annual completed
    Garmin G500 glass cockpit ADS - including GDU620 PFD/MFD - integrating: GRS77 AHRS;
    Temp probe;
    GMU44 magnetometer; GDC74 ADC;
    G430 GPS Navigator (redundancy); FULL-IFR features including
    ILS/VOR/RNAV approach capabilities; ADS-B and TCAS capabilities
    Garmin G750 GPS touch screen GPS Navigator
    Garmin G5 couple – attitude indicator and directional gyro indicator
    S-TEC Twenty Roll/Pitch autopilot
    Garmin GTX335 Transponder
    Kannad 406AF-Compact ELT
    EDM 930 engine monitoring cpu – including MAP and Tachometer indicators; CHT and EGT indications
    Tablet Flush mount
    Digital timer
    USB Power outlet - 2 pilot side; 2 passenger side
    Pilot side yoke mounted push-to-talk button
    classic Cessna-style yokes
    Eyebrow light
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Leather style doors with overcenter latches (No slam)
    eather seats – sheepskin-provided front seats
    leather double back-seat
    overhead mounted inertia reel shoulder harnesses
    Rosen Sun Visors
    Flat floor extended baggage hold
    Cargo tie downs
    Baggage door (‘55-style 180)
    Both front windows are openable
    FFA-PMA approved skylights
    All-leather interior, entirely refurbished, floor to ceiling, year 2017; overall rating 9 of 10; full glass
    cockpit, all-new instrument panel fitted year 2017
    180 customised livery, overall rating 9-10
    all new painting job completed June 2017

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