Comlux’s ACJ TwoTwenty: Ultimate in Luxury Travel

Comlux, a world leader in Business Aviation, has once again set a new standard in private jet travel, unveiling the first fully-finished ACJ TwoTwenty cabin earlier this year…

AvBuyer  |  14th September 2023
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    Comlux-completed Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty Interior

    In February 2023, Comlux unveiled the first fully-finished ACJ TwoTwenty cabin, which was delivered to FIVE Hotels and Resorts, the Dubai-based Real Estate and Hospitality Group.

    The aircraft is operated by Comlux Aviation, the VIP operator, is available for Charter, and is just the first of a series of fifteen ACJ TwoTwenty cabins that are expected to be completed at Comlux's state of the art completion center in Indianapolis.

    Comlux Completion center is the only ACJ TwoTwenty fully-integrated cabin completion center in the world, and Comlux claims to be capable of producing the most advanced and technologically equipped aircraft cabins ever designed.

    In cooperation with Airbus, the resulting ACJ TwoTwenty offers an exceptional cabin equipped with the latest technology, and is the most advanced high-end private jet available on the market, Comlux says, adding that it offers the best value for money amongst high-end private jets.

    Over 100 Possible Configurations

    In a groundbreaking development, the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin has taken customization to a whole new level offering an extensive array of over 100 possible configurations across its six distinct living areas. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry, elevating the already impressive ACJ TwoTwenty to new heights.

    The ACJ TwoTwenty, known for its luxurious and spacious interior, now boasts a catalog of options that goes beyond anything that is currently available in the market, Comlux says, and this remarkable diversity is designed to meet the unique preferences and needs of Comlux’s customers and prospects.

    The wide-ranging catalog of configurations has been meticulously curated to ensure it not only meets, but surpasses the expectations of a discerning clientele, and according to Comlux has quickly become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the world of private aviation.

    “Additionally, we have gone the extra mile to provide our customers with an immersive experience in selecting their final materials,” a Comlux spokesperson said. “To facilitate this process, we have introduced various interior ambiance options, each thoughtfully crafted to evoke different moods and aesthetics.

    “These ambiance choices will empower our customers to personalize their ACJ TwoTwenty cabin to their heart's content, creating a truly bespoke flying environment. We understand that every detail matters when it comes to luxury aviation, and our commitment to customization and choice remains unwavering.

    “With the ACJ TwoTwenty, you're not just purchasing an aircraft; you're investing in an unparalleled experience tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.”

    As Comlux continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in private aviation, the ACJ TwoTwenty stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to providing the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and personalization. “We are confident that our customers and prospects will find the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin to be fully satisfactory, offering them a world of possibilities and elevating their flying experience to new heights,” the spokesperson added.

    Comlux Completion is an approved service center for all ACJ products, having already produced A319CJ, A320CJ, A321CJ and A330CJ cabins for the Airbus family.

    Reach Out Now for Exclusive Pre-NBAA 2023 Deals!

    Airbus will be showcasing the ACJ TwoTwenty at the NBAA-BACE conference in Las Vegas next month. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch before the show to take advantage of the best deals.

    Comlux’s designers, and engineers will be in Las Vegas to facilitate discussions about the cabin, located at the Comlux booth at North Hall 6423.

    As a longstanding Airbus partner, completion center, service center, and VIP operator, Comlux is a marquee brand in the Business Aviation industry, with its commitment to delivering exceptional service and the most advanced technology.

    About Comlux

    Comlux is a leader in business aviation, transaction and completion services. For over 20 years, the company has engineered luxury for VIP customers seeking personal and professional management of their private aviation needs, including aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft operations and charter management, cabin interiors, maintenance and upgrades. Headquartered in Switzerland with a global presence around the world, Comlux delivers World-class, Swiss-made business aviation services.

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