NATA: Empowering Its Members to Be Safe and Successful Aviation Businesses

Ryan Waguespack discusses with Tony Kioussis, the NATA and what it does. Their focus in education and outreach, plus what operators must do to legally offer charter services using their aircraft. Listen here...

Tony Kioussis  |  21st April 2022
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    Tony Kioussis
    Tony Kioussis

    As President, Asset Insight, LLC, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and consulting services,...

    Ryan Waguespack, Senior Vice President, National Air Transportation Association, discusses the NATA’s focus and services designed to empower its members to be safe and successful aviation businesses. Topics covered include:

    • An understanding of the NATA and what it does.
    • The NATA’s focus in education and outreach.
    • Changes in focus at the NATA in view of the COVID-19 crisis
    • What operators must do to legally offer charter services using their aircraft
    • Resources available online at

    About Ryan Waguespack

    Ryan Waguespack is NATA’s Senior Vice President. He joined the staff of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) as Vice President of Aircraft Management, Air Charter Services and MROs in November 2018. A long-time supporter of the aviation business community and NATA, Ryan Waguespack served as the Chair of NATA’s WorkForce Development Committee and Illegal Charter Task Force, as well as Vice Chair of the Air Charter Committee as an association member. As Vice President, Ryan leads the Association and industry effort to combat illegal charter, working with the FAA and its Field Offices to educate the public on the risks, assisting the FAA in enforcement through data collection and reporting, and leveraging existing data sources to help the agency focus enforcement efforts.

    Previously, he served in various operational roles for charter management companies, as well as aircraft sales, working closely with clients to educate them throughout the purchasing process and help them attain the best aviation solution for their needs. Prior to NATA, Waguespack held the position of Vice President of Business Development of Summit Aviation.

    Waguespack is the founder of the Alabama Business Aviation Association, an organization dedicated to promoting the value of business aviation throughout the state, educating stakeholders on the value of business aircraft and community airports, and advocating on behalf of aviation businesses.

    A staunch champion for promoting aviation workforce development, Ryan travels the country to speak at industry events dedicated to reaching the next generation of pilots, maintainers and business aviation leaders. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at universities nationwide, including Auburn University in the Harbert College of Business, Southern Illinois University, and the University of Dubuque. Through Waguespack’s community-building initiatives at the universities, he is working to develop channels to connect rising students with aviation businesses.

    Ryan is a recreational pilot who lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife Amanda and two children.

    National Air Transportation Association (NATA)

    For the past 80 years, NATA has contributed significantly to the prosperity of aviation service companies and has been a catalyst for improvement within the aviation industry. NATA is the national association of aviation business service providers. Our mission is empowering our members to be safe and successful aviation businesses. NATA is the leading national trade association representing the business interests of general aviation service companies on legislative and regulatory matters at the federal level, while also providing education, services, and benefits to our members to help ensure their long-term economic success.

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    Tony Kioussis

    Tony Kioussis

    Editor, Aircraft Value & Maintenance Analysis

    As President, Asset Insight, Tony provides valuations, audits, analytics and consulting services, and a uniform methodology for grading an aircraft’s maintenance condition.

    Asset Insight is owned by JETNET LLC, and has devised a uniform methodology for grading an aircraft’s maintenance condition allowing it to provide timely current and residual aircraft values, projected maintenance costs, and future marketability information.

    Previously Tony worked with GE Capital’s Corporate Aircraft Finance group; Jet Aviation; and JSSI, developing the ‘Tip-to-Tail’ airframe maintenance program.



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