Sustainable Aviation & Inclusivity - News from ACE, 2021 from GearUp.TV

Watch the highlights from this year's Air Charter Expo. Liz Moscrop speaks with Jean Botti CEO of VoltAero, Mike Miller-Smith MBE FRAeS, 4AIR's Kennedy Ricci Steve Varsano, and more in this 7-minute highlights video. It's almost as good as being there.

Jayne Jackson  |  30th September 2021
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    Jayne Jackson
    Jayne Jackson

    Jayne Jackson was AvBuyer's former head of online, she was also LifeStyle Editor of Bizjet Advisor...

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    The team from GearUpTV caught some great observations on camera about the latest moves towards a greener future for aviation. And for better inclusion to be factored into aviation design 

    Watch the video for a great snapshot showing the passion and innovation inherent in the green aviation sector. 

    The VoltAero team successfully crossed the English Channel for a second time with an electric aircraft, using the company’s Cassio 1 demonstrator to fly between France and the United Kingdom for participation in the ACE21 Air Charter Expo and a visit to Cranfield University. 

    Cassio 1’s trip from France to the U.K. comes six years after the world’s first end-to-end English Channel crossing with an electric airplane, utilizing the E-Fan aircraft developed by VoltAero’s team in an Airbus-led program. The E-Fan’s batteries delivered 60 kilowatts of power for its two electric motors, while Cassio 1 utilizes VoltAero’s proprietary 600-kilowatt electric-hybrid power module. On E-Fan’s historic flight in July 2015, the aircraft took off from Lydd, England and landed at Calais, France. 

    VoltAero CEO and chief technology officer Jean Botti took part in the conference's Green Charter 2021 panel discussion. 

    "Our second Channel crossing with an electric aircraft clearly shows how VoltAero's team has progressed in advancing the Cassio programme through its development phase for a planned certification in 2023,” explained Botti. 

    Liz Moscrop shared the video on Linkedin commenting "Our intention was to share from our vision, which is an aviation industry with heart. Creative ideas that benefit lots of people. VoltAero is already designing its next gen electric aircraft with a larger door that will accommodate a wheelchair or hoist."

    For more videos from Liz and the team visit GearUp.TV

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