Insiders' Insights: Bombardier Challenger 300 - Operations

What stands out about the Bombardier Challenger 300 from an operational perspective? Professional pilot Jorge Cruz shares his perspectives...

AvBuyer  |  07th April 2022
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In this episode of the Insiders' Insights series, professional pilot Jorge Cruz discusses some of the operational aspects of the Bombardier Challenger 300 Super Mid-Size Jet.

Here, he shares his experiences flying the Challenger 300, including the ease with which the jet can be set-up, undergo pre-flight checks, and be airborne, compared to older jets he's flown.

Also, what's the typical fuel burn for the Challenger 300, and how does Jorge train to stay current on the airplane? Find out in this episode of Insiders’ Insights.

About Jorge Cruz

With more than 30 years’ and 10,000 hours experience flying primarily Bombardier-built private jets, Jorge Cruz has been a pilot since 1991. He has chief pilot and check airman experience and has been flying the Challenger 300/350 since 2004. Cruz was born in Southfield, Michigan but currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Interviewed by Jenner Maher, a Business Development Consultant for Charlie Bravo, Jenner graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law and has 15 years of experience previously as a consultant in the oil, gas and energy industry.

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About Charlie Bravo Aviation

Charlie Bravo Aviation was co-founded by Curt and René Banglesdorf, who have been in the private aircraft brokerage business for almost 20 years, transacting over 700 aircraft in 44 different countries around the world. The Banglesdorfs are passionate about aviation and engage beyond the brokerage.

As the son of a corporate pilot (Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, Ohio), Curt has been around private aviation his entire life. Unlike his father, he decided to help folks buy and sell aircraft. In April 2008, Curt and his wife, René launched Charlie Bravo Aviation. Curt currently serves on the board of directors for GLADA (Global Licensed Aircraft Dealers Association) and chairs the Membership sub-committee. He also is part of the leadership council for NATA (National Aircraft Transport Association).

Generally speaking, Charlie Bravo Aviation can help with every aspect of an aircraft transaction. It’s one of their greatest motivators, seeing firsthand how private aviation can change the lives and businesses of the people who use it.

The acquisition department establishes and maintains relationships with aircraft owners, brokers, pilots, and management companies across the globe in order to get the most up-to-date information on every aircraft on the market, much of which is unavailable to the general public. Those daily conversations allow the Charlie Bravo team to accurately gauge the values of its listed aircraft and get the true “take” prices of those it is looking to buy on behalf of clients. Those relationships also give the Charlie Bravo team access to a unique variety of off-market aircraft that aren’t being publicly advertised yet.

Combining both traditional and innovative marketing techniques with a vast network of industry connections, Charlie Bravo Aviation is recognized worldwide as a leader in acquiring, marketing, and selling pre-owned aircraft. In addition to making phone calls and sending emails, the company uses targeted digital advertising to identify potential owners that would be most likely to purchase listed aircraft. The company also has a large and responsive email list containing contact info for past clients and potential buyers that know and trust Charlie Bravo and look to it first when buying or selling an aircraft.

René was appointed in 2020 to the FAA’s “Women in Aviation Advisory Board”. She also serves on Ohio University’s College of Business Advisory Board, is a High-Performance

Business Coach for Michael Hyatt & Company, a licensed private pilot, and CEO of The Aviation Collective, which provides business coaching exclusively to aviation executives.

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