Why Business Aviation is the Way to Go!

What makes Business Aviation a winner for its users?

Dave Higdon  |  06th May 2016
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Dave Higdon
Dave Higdon

Dave Higdon is a highly respected, NBAA Gold Wing award-winning aviation journalist who has covered all...

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We revel in making choices, notes Dave Higdon. A decision to fly the Scheduled Airlines automatically cedes to the carrier's choices, whereas Private and Business Aviation enables passengers to retain their freedom of choice...

When flying by myself, or even with a friend, we’d never choose to fly hundreds of miles off-route before changing direction to an airport located hours away by car from my desired destination. That happens regularly on the airlines, though.

It's never my choice to wake hours before dawn to arrive at the air-carrier’s choice of airport a couple of hours in advance to surrender my luggage, queue for security checks and twiddle my thumbs until my air-carrier begins boarding.

With me as pilot I choose when to leave; the route to fly (as direct as weather allows); the destination airport; and when and how to return.

Business Aviation – The Choice for Control

The logic seldom seems simpler. Flying Business or General Aviation ranks high among the vast number of choices we enjoy in the United States; this choice is highly personal. Yet, while I think almost anyone with the will can do it, I must acknowledge it's not for everyone. But with so many people who can't fly still choosing to travel by private aircraft it's obvious many share my preference.

Within the choice to fly we enjoy a huge variety of choice in what to fly; and how.

There is no official FAA designation of a “business aircraft". The very choice to use an aircraft for “personal and business” needs makes it so.

Essentially, one person's business aircraft could be a 110-knot Piper Cherokee 140; another person’s business aircraft a vintage Beech Bonanza; another’s still a Daher TBM850 propjet; another’s a Cessna Citation CJ3 - all the way up to a Boeing Business Jet.

It's how we chose to use the aircraft that makes it personal or business; means dictate the limits to what we fly – but not our choice to fly.

No other place on the planet better supports those of us who fly than the United States, with more than 5,000 public-access airports, thousands more private strips, and water-operations areas scattered across the continent.

A person who travels can make no better choice than to choose to fly Business or Private Aviation – and embrace the total control that choice provides. It's control at its highest!

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