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Listen To The Crowd

Regardless of the method of ownership- the business world is saying that Business Aviation provides unique value- contends Jack Olcott.

Jack Olcott   |   1st September 2012
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Jack Olcott Jack Olcott

Possibly the world’s most recognized advocate, if not expert on the value of Business Aviation,...
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Listen To The Crowd
The value of Business Aviation according to the many.
Regardless of the method of ownership- the business world is saying that Business Aviation provides unique value- contends Jack Olcott.

Thousands of companies embrace Business Aviation as a travel resource. Some firms form aviation departments and operate the aircraft they own. Others own all or a part of their business aircraft but contract operations to a third party known as an aviation management company. Several thousands of enterprises and entrepreneurs purchase a fractional share of an aircraft that in essence is owned by as many as 16 contract holders in a time-sharing arrangement. Countless other companies embrace Business Aviation through chartering.

Acceptance of Business Aviation is reflected in the accompanying charts of companies globally and within the USA that have elected either to operate or to own one or more turbine-powered business aircraft. The number of owners is greater than the number of operators- since not all companies elect to create an aviation department and operate their own aircraft.

While numbers are not readily available- the quantity of significant management firms is closer to 100 than 1-000. According to JETNET- there are 4-531 unique holders of fractional shares as of June 2012- but many companies with wholly owned aircraft augment their fleet with a fractionally-owned business aircraft and- therefore- do not add to the number of unique owners or operators.

The graphs presented in the digital version of this article depict a crowd that speaks loudly in favor of Business Aviation and is growing. In spite of the challenging environment that has prevailed since the collapse of Lehman Brothers- more companies operate business aircraft today than in 2008.

Worldwide operators grew by nearly 13 percent. Significantly lower at 2.0 percent- operator growth in the USA was still positive. The number of companies choosing to own business aircraft has grown at a faster rate- however- reaching nearly 15 percent globally and slightly more than 4 percent within the USA as of this June.

Regardless of how the population is parsed- Business Aviation is a well-accepted form of transportation.

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