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Business Aviation combines the beneficial roles that transportation and technology offer society. Historians- entrepreneurs and government leaders universally acknowledge that when a population enhances its ability to travel- trade increases and everyone within the region benefits. Commerce grows at all levels. Exports increase- as do imports. So does the region’s domestic commerce. The overall economy improves.

Improved quality of life follows from an improved economy. When entrepreneurs have the ability to travel more efficiently and with greater ease- they are more willing to venture into markets that previously were difficult to explore. They bring with them new ideas- refreshing enthusiasm for development- and expectations of success. Workers find jobs as existing businesses expand and as new companies emerge. Everyone benefits.

Today’s aviation technology significantly enhances transportation as an enabler for economic growth and improved quality to life. Business relies on air transportation to facilitate commerce between countries as well as within regions. Aviation makes globalization possible.

Air transportation has several dimensions—the two most noticeable being the scheduled Airlines and Business Aviation. Both forms of air transportation help expand a county’s productivity. The Chinese Government is wise to include both elements within its current five-year plan.

Enhanced by technology

Business Aviation includes technically-advanced small to medium-sized airplanes and helicopters- larger business aircraft- and aircraft that were designed originally for use by the scheduled Airlines but are modified to serve the special needs of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Business Aviation is defined by how aircraft are used rather than the way they look or how they are designed.

Because today’s business aircraft incorporate computer-aided design- advanced materials- and other leading-edge developments (as do aircraft used by the scheduled Airlines)- they fly as high- as fast and as safely as today’s most advanced airliners. Like modern airliners- business aircraft are well-built embodiments of advanced technology- and Business Aviation employs such aircraft to provide a unique level of transportation.

Whereas scheduled Airlines provide transport between cities with established travel patterns- business aircraft fly to destinations that often have no scheduled Airline service - or at best a limited service. Often- those less-traveled destinations offer the greatest opportunities for creative business leaders.

Business Aviation enables the entrepreneur to be present when and where opportunities exist. Compared with trips on the scheduled Airlines- flights using a charter or company-owned aircraft consume significantly less total trip time—sometimes resulting in days that are better spent with the family or with business associates.

In addition to reducing travel time- business aircraft enable travel time to be productive time. A business aircraft is literally “an office that moves.” To an extent matching- if not exceeding- the office environment your personal and industrial security are assured onboard a business airplane.

Service is paramount

Business Aviation provides a level of efficiency- service- peace-of-mind and comfort unmatched in air transportation. Travelers who appreciate the value of time will find no better form of transportation.

We present case studies illustrating how companies and individuals employ the business aircraft they charter or own to maximize the value of time and personal experiences.

We also illustrate how business aircraft expand the ability to use time productively and enjoyably- thereby enabling business leaders the opportunity to relax and re-energize their entrepreneurial spirit.


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