ACJ TwoTwenty: Soaring to New Heights with Comlux

In the fast-paced world of business aviation, innovation and luxury often go hand in hand. One such groundbreaking success story is the ACJ TwoTwenty, a game-changer in the exclusive realm of Extra Large Bizjets.

AvBuyer  |  07th December 2023
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    Comlux's Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty Interior

    Launched by Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) in October 2020, this exceptional business jet has soared to unparalleled heights, thanks to its strategic partnership with Comlux, a leader in business aviation, transaction, and completion services.

    The ACJ TwoTwenty was unveiled as a revolutionary offering, carving out a niche in the market as the Extra Large Bizjet. What set it apart was its unique blend of flexible cabin options, addressing the demands of heavy and long-range business jet owners and operators.

    The promise was simple but groundbreaking: three times more cabin space with a third less operating costs, all of which was made possible by leveraging the high performance of Airbus' latest A220 Family.

    Comlux Steps In: Crafting Luxury in Indianapolis

    Comlux, with its ACJ-approved completion center in Indianapolis, took center stage as the exclusive partner for outfitting the first 15 cabins of the ACJ TwoTwenty. The collaboration brought together the innovative design prowess of ACJ's Head of Design, Sylvain Mariat, and Comlux's expertise in outfitting and upgrading VIP interiors. The result? A cabin boasting 785 ft2 of floor space over six wide VIP living areas, offering an unmatched level of personal space.

    Orders Roll In: A Vote of Confidence

    In a testament to the ACJ TwoTwenty's appeal, orders started pouring in. In October 2020, Airbus Corporate Jets secured its first orders, totaling six aircraft. Comlux, a key player in this success story, revealed its order for two aircraft, with four more snapped up by undisclosed customers.

    November 2021 marked a pivotal moment as Comlux announced a partnership with FIVE, a Dubai-based group with interests in Real Estate, Hospitality, Investments, and Philanthropy.

    FIVE purchased the first ACJ TwoTwenty from Comlux. Comlux Completion in Indianapolis took charge of building the interior of the VIP cabin for FIVE, showcasing the versatility and options that the ACJ TwoTwenty brings to the table.

    Expanding Horizons: ACJ TwoTwenty Service Approval

    In October 2022, Comlux Completion achieved another milestone, becoming the first and only ACJ Service Center member authorized to provide maintenance services for the ACJ TwoTwenty. This approval added a new dimension to Comlux's existing membership, solidifying its position as a comprehensive service provider for the ACJ Family.

    A Dream Realized: World's First ACJ TwoTwenty Cabin

    May 2023 marked the delivery of the world's first ACJ TwoTwenty cabin by Comlux to FIVE Hotels and Resorts. The VIP cabin, certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), was completed in just 14 months, showcasing Comlux's commitment to excellence. The aircraft, now available for charter in Dubai under Comlux Aviation, represents a groundbreaking achievement in the business aviation sector.

    Continued Success: New Orders in October 2023

    In October 2023, Comlux proudly announced two additional ACJ TwoTwenty orders, reinforcing the aircraft's popularity. Christophe Pelet, Head of Comlux Transactions, highlighted the incomparable cabin comfort and aircraft performance that drew these new clients to the ACJ TwoTwenty: “We are proud to count these two new TwoTwenty orders, days before our US cabin completion facility receives its third ACJ TwoTwenty directly from Airbus Canada.

    “These two additional aircraft were sold to two different clients, who selected the TwoTwenty for its incomparable cabin comfort and aircraft performance.

    “Operation of the first ACJ TwoTwenty by Comlux Aviation has proven excellent with an amazing in-service experience. The combination of the Airbus airframe, the Pratt & Whitney engines and the Comlux cabin has really resulted in the creation of a ’champion’ within business aviation.”

    A Legacy of Success: Delivering Milestones in November 2023

    November 2023 witnessed the successful delivery of the third ACJ TwoTwenty from Airbus by Comlux. This achievement not only marked another milestone but also underscored the successful partnership between Comlux and Airbus. The Comlux Completion Centre, renowned for its world-class facilities, remains at the forefront of innovation in the business aviation sector.

    Looking Ahead: A Future of Innovation

    With 14 more ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft awaiting completion, the second is scheduled on the 2/20/2024 at Comlux's state-of-the-art facility, the future holds exciting prospects for this dynamic partnership. Comlux's commitment to setting new standards in luxury and performance, coupled with Airbus's cutting-edge aircraft design, continues to shape the narrative of the ACJ TwoTwenty success story.

    Comlux is one of the leaders in business aviation, transaction and completion services. For over 20 years, the company has engineered luxury for VIP customers seeking personal and professional management of their private aviation needs, including aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft operations and charter management, cabin interiors, maintenance and upgrades. Headquartered in Switzerland with a global presence around the world, Comlux delivers World-class, Swiss-made business aviation services.

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