Diamond DA62: What Makes it Ideal for Maritime Surveillance?

Living up to its motto ‘Aviation as Unique as You Are’, Diamond Aircraft introduced the DA62-MSA Maritime Surveillance Aircraft equipped with the Leonardo ATOS Mission System. But what’s behind this sophisticated platform?

AvBuyer  |  24th June 2019
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    Diamond DA62-MSA

    Living up to its motto ‘Aviation as Unique as You Are’, Diamond Aircraft introduced the DA62-MSA Maritime Surveillance Aircraft equipped with the Leonardo ATOS Mission System. But what’s behind this sophisticated platform?
    Rising demand for high efficiency and high covertness in airborne ISR operations creates the need for compact design of high performing mission sensors and payloads. Thus, Diamond's portfolio of reliable airborne sensors has recently been extended by integrating and successfully testing a state-of-the-art, new generation surveillance system.
    DA62-MSA Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

    The DA62 MPP offers increased performance, space and capability for surveillance operations. The fully composite DA62 MPP features the latest in tracking and sensor technology and sets the benchmark as the most cost-effective, powerful and versatile airborne platform in its class today, Diamond Aircraft says.
    Depending on its configuration, the aircraft is ideal in the fields of Search and Rescue, Coastline Patrol, Border Patrol, Force Protection, Fire Fighting, Disaster Management, Pipeline Monitoring and Infrastructure Monitoring.
    The aircraft is configured with state-of-the-art avionics (airliner standard) including Garmin’s G1000 Nxi glass cockpit and a fully integrated GFC700 autopilot. With single lever operation (EECU), the DA62 MMP is powered by two heavy fuel technology 180hp Austro Engine AE330 powerplants with exceptionally low total operating costs.
    Backbone of IT Architecture

    The system features advanced technology and ergonomic industrial design tested for Environmental, Electromagnetic and Mechanical Compliance under RTCA DO-160 standards.
    In addition, the system provides enhanced situational awareness with an advanced HD video engine, including blending, haze reduction, localized contrast enhancement, target tracking and moving target detection, as well as SMPTE HD video outputs and H.264 over ethernet (MISB 0601.7 compliant) advanced thermal imager sensor and geolocation capabilities.

    The SWE-400LE is a dual-LRU system offering the highest performance and largest payload capacity in the range to accommodate a wide array of sensor packages. Diamond points out that the 400mm, fully digital four-axis gyrostabilized platform has the most flexibility in terms of sensor and lens combinations.
    The SWE-400LE can accommodate various payload options, including cooled thermal imaging sensors, HDTV, color spotter scope and laser sensors. Video target tracking, geolocation and various remote interface options are available.
    Further the SWE-400LE provides additional features like Interface for remote control by third-party devices, Searchlight and Radar slaving interfaces, accurate geo-location, geo-hold and distance, measurements of objects, advanced video auto tracking for robust, tracking of moving or stationary objects, and is Compatible with augmented reality moving map systems for full situational awareness.
    Leonardo Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance (ATOS) System

    ATOS is an advanced and flexible airborne integrated observation and surveillance system. Its modular, open architecture easily supports the inclusion of additional capability and operator consoles.
    Typical operational requirements might include:
    • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Patrol: Detecting, reporting and recording the location of any foreign vessels operating within the prescribed seaboard limit zone;
    • Traditional search and rescue operations: Specific detection, localization and assistance to any vessel encountering problems, including shipwrecked passengers;
    • On-Scene Commander work: Co-ordinating aid operations of co-operating vessels/aircraft.
    Leonardo Gabbiano Ultra-Light TS-20

    A state-of the-art, compact x-band radar for all-weather sea, ground and air surveillance, Gabbiano Ultra-Light provides long- and short-range surveillance capabilities for both military and paramilitary forces.
    Radar for ground surveillance application provides all the features for Homeland Security missions, primarily aimed at border protection, or in Combat Search and Rescue missions. High resolution modes (spot synthetic aperture radar and strip synthetic aperture radar) grant a sub-meter resolution over wide swath areas.
    GMTI mode allows detection of moving targets on the ground, and unique patents and owned proprietary techniques have been developed for high resolution radar imaging.
    For sea surveillance, TS-20 is ideal for Search and Rescue and maritime surveillance missions. In addition to the standard air-to-surface search modes with TWS, this radar provides the high resolution (ISAR) mode which enables the user to classify the intercepted targets.
    To complete the Search and Rescue features, SMTI and SART mode are also available. The air surveillance mode allows Air-to-Air mode detection of moving targets.
    Diamond Aircraft Multi-Mission Summary

    Diamond Aircraft recognizes the importance and high demand for enhanced capability to protect borders against illegal fishing, drug smuggling, and other criminal operations.
    This new airborne solution, based on the DA62 Special Mission Aircraft, is expected to dramatically help in the fight against such illegal activities, and provide additional security and surveillance for authorities around the world.
    About Diamond Aircraft Industries

    Diamond Aircraft produces a full range of high quality, certified, all-composite aircraft in state-of-the-art facilities located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and London, Ontario, as well as in third party license facilities to serve their respective markets.
    The company uses proprietary lead-free jet fuel piston engines, built by Austro Engine GmbH of Austria (a company of the Diamond Aircraft Group), and also offers type specific flight training simulators.
    More information from www.diamondaircraft.com

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