Surveillance Platforms: What Makes Airborne LINX Popular?

The Bulgarian Border Guard recently upgraded its AW109 helicopter with Airborne LINX. They're the latest in a growing number of European police and military forces to do so. Find out why...

AvBuyer  |  29th January 2020
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Bulgarian Border Force AW109 Helicopter

With the decision from the Bulgarian Border Guard to upgrade its AW109 rotorcraft, Airborne Technologies says it is helping secure the borders of Europe. But what is Airborne LINX, and what makes it so popular among Europe’s police and military forces?
Airborne Technologies handed over the next leading-edge surveillance platform to one of Europe’s police forces, thanks to the recent upgrade of a Bulgarian Border Guard AW109 helicopter (a FRONTEX funded project).
Airborne Technologies’ scope of services includes the integration of any Airborne Remote Sensor into a customer’s platform, and the development of customised ISR Turnkey Solutions. 
Here, Airborne Technologies equipped the Bulgarian Border Guard's AW109 helicopter with a FLIR Star Safire 380 HD EO/IR camera, an ECS Line of Sight Downlink and a payload-friendly carbon fibre tactical workstation.

FLIR Star Safire 380 HD installed in Bulgarian Border Force AW109s rear hatch
Carbon fibre tactical workstation on a special plate for easy removal
The Airborne LINX mission system completed the integration with the aim of ensuring a smooth, easy-to-handle interplay of the sensors aboard the helicopter.
Growing Popularity of Airborne LINX
Airborne Technologies consists of a team of experts in aviation, system engineering and geo-data acquisition. This unique combination of expertise provides a basis for innovative and flexible solutions customized for governments, police, military and many sectors of industry.
Since the release of Airborne LINX, a growing number of European Police Forces have integrated the capability into their fleets in order to become better equipped.
“We are proud that Airborne LINX is on duty with Europe’s Police Forces,” said Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies. “With the Bulgarian Border Guard, yet another European authority [shows they] trust our experience and our innovative solutions.
“In the meantime, more and more aircraft – rotary and fixed-wing – are on duty for numerous police and military forces all over Europe with our surveillance technology on board.”
Adding to the attractiveness of the solution, Airborne Technologies is closely partnered with a range of established, reliable sensor and aircraft manufacturers to help guarantee customers will be satisfied with the results.
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