Looking for MRO solutions with competitive prices, cost guarantees and P&WC genuine parts and service?

Pratt & Whitney’s portfolio of P&WCSMART™ MRO Solutions for PT6A and P&WC business jet and helicopter engines provides cost-effective options for major engine maintenance with no-surprise pricing.

With tailored solutions – from hot section inspection through overhaul and more – P&WCSMART™ delivers OEM value, genuine P&WC parts and service and helps:

- Lower your costs and eliminate surprises with competitive pricing and cost guarantees
- Optimize maintenance planning
- Reduce unplanned downtime
- Maximize aircraft value

P&WCSMART™ solutions include:

- Flat Rate Overhauls
- Flat Rate Engine Exchanges
- Overhaul Parts Capped Cost Programs
- Hot Section Inspections
- And our new post-HSI Subscription Service for PT6A Engines

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This is a limited-time offer and P&W reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. We may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of five P&W-powered aircraft.

From hot section inspection through overhaul, we have you covered with competitive capped-cost and flat-rate solutions:

P&WCSMART™ for PT6A Engines

Get access to event-based and ongoing MRO solutions that keep your mature engine in service in a cost-effective manner, including:

  • Flat-Rate Overhauls
  • Engine Exchanges, including “Zero Time Since Overhaul” Exchanges
  • Capped Cost Overhaul Parts
  • Hot Section Inspections
  • And our new post-HSI Subscription Service for PT6A Engines

To view our full list of P&WCSMART™ solutions for PT6A engines, click here.

P&WCSMART™ for P&WC Helicopter Engines

Turboshaft operators can take advantage of similar programs, including:

  • Flat Rate Overhauls & Exchanges
  • Capped Cost Overhauls & Hot Section Inspections
  • Flat Rate Engine Exchanges, Gear Box Exchanges & more

To view our full list of P&WCSMART™ solutions P&WC-powered helicopters, click here.

P&WCSMART™ for P&WC Business Jet Engines

  • Flat Rate Overhaul Program for PW530A Engines
  • Flat Rate Engine Exchange for PW615F-A

To view the details of P&WCSMART™ solutions P&WC-powered business jets, click here.

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