2008 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 155B1 for sale, England, United Kingdom

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Europe, United Kingdom - England

Aircraft Description

2008 Airbus Helicopters H155

145-150 kts cruise speed
Floats, Aux tanks FP, CV-FDR
2 owners since new
High-end flight ops and maintenance
Enrolled on programs

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Fuselage comprising cabin and baggage hold
Baggage hold with floor tie-down net and 2 lockable doors(LH and RH side)
Tail boom with stabiliser fitted with 2 lateral endplates and a shrouded tail rotor built into the vertical fin
Retractable tricycle landing gear with nose wheel castor lock unit, assisted differential brakes on pilot and co-pilot side and parking brake
4 built-in foot-steps (2 on each side) for access to transmission deck
Structural reinforcements for 1,600 kg (3,527 lb) cargo-sling
Structural reinforcements for external hoist
Jacking, hoisting, mooring and gripping points
Interior paint: Light grey

1 multipurpose cabin
2 removable pilot and co-pilot energy attenuating high back-rest seats, adjustable in reach and height, each fitted with a 5 points harness
1 glass windshield
2 hinged pilot and co-pilot doors, jettisonable with tinted windows, allowing access to cockpit and front passenger row, each fitted with a sliding window
2 jettisonable tinted windows located between cockpit and cabin doors
2 passenger sliding doors with jettisonable tinted windows
2 externally mounted cockpit and cabin footsteps
2 tinted upper panes
Cabin upholstery
Dual flight controls
1 co-pilot collective stick guard
Engine controls
1 rotor brake control
1 heating /demisting/ ventilation system
2 windshield wipers
1 portable fire-extinguisher
2 illuminated chart holders
Stowage place for flight documents
1 flight manual


Turbomeca Arriel 2C2
#1 S/N: 26100 TSN: 1,957.18
#2 S/N: 26107 TSN: 1,957.18
    Passenger address with NAT AA20-431 with 4 loudspeakers
    Passenger lnterphone for Active noise cancelling headsets BOSE. 1 x NAT AA-36 + N2 x AA-82
    Weather Radar with VRU, displayed on ND Honeywell RDR 2000
    TAS RYAN 9900 BX (3" display)
    Flight Management System UNIVERSAL UNS-1 D linked with DDAFCS
    Iridium Sat phone system
    Skyquest 10.4" monitor Display
    Passenger address with NAT AA20-431 with 4 loudspeakers
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Interior Cabin Layouts
    Hinged passenger doors with 2 rear door extensions (instead of standard sliding doors) and electrical retractable passenger steps
    7 seat complete VIP installation with enhanced sound proofing, colour grey/plum
    VIP treatment of the cockpit - Configuration with removal of bulkhead partition special customisation
    AHUK Custom Paint Scheme
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    General equipment
    Fuzz burners on engine lubrication system
    High visibility markings of the main rotor blades tip caps
    Single pilot IFR kit
    Air conditioning system (Mechanically driven)
    Auxiliary fuel tank (180 litres) fixed fittings

    Mission Equipment
    Belly strobe light
    Fixed parts emergency floatation gear
    Removable parts emergency floatation gear
    Emergency Locator Transmitter (KANNAD 406-AF) 3 frequencies Plus Nav interface

    Customisation Items
    AHUK Skyforce observer system with 10.4" display
    AHUK AVAD System
    AHUK Custom Paint Scheme

    Loose Parts Kit
    Static Vent Plugs x2
    Engine Air-Intake Covers x2
    Engine Tail Pipe Covers x2
    Main Blades Tie-Down Kit x1
    Airborne Kit Stowing Bag x1
    Set Seat Covers x1 Set
    Step Handle x1
    Float Blanks x1 Set

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