Jet Comparison Highlights Video: Dassault Falcon 900LX versus Embraer Legacy 650

Watch the highlights taken from the Dassault Falcon 900LX vs Embraer Legacy 650 Jets Comparison article by Mike Chase

AvBuyer  |  28th November 2019
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    In a hurry? Here are the highlights of September 2019's Dassault Falcon 900LX vs Embraer Legacy 650 Jet Comparison article.

    See how these jets compare in terms of cost, required runway distance, range and payload.

    About Mike Chase:
    Michael Chase owns Chase & Associates, an aviation consulting firm specialized in industry product and market research in the Commercial & Business Aviation sectors.
    With over five decades of extensive experience, Michael has worked as a director of special projects for JETNET, LLC; served as Senior Management Consultant for Sabre Holding; and was Director of Market & Sales Research for Gulfstream Aerospace, leading sales and product research, including feasibility and viability studies.

    Falcon 900LX:

    In 2007, Dassault announced the Falcon 900LX as an enhanced-performance version of the Falcon 900EX. Using three Honeywell TFE731-60 engines, the Falcon 900LX benefits from increased performance courtesy of its high-Mach blended winglets, designed by Aviation Partners.

    Essentially, the winglets helped reduce net drag on the 900LX, resulting in a 5-7% reduction in fuel burn over the 900EX. Time to climb is also reduced as compared to the 900EX, and the 900LX features the improved EASy II digital cockpit with the Honeywell Primus Epic system.

    Embraer Legacy 650:

    Announced at the 2009 NBAA Convention, the Legacy 650 is a longer-range version of the Legacy 600. It entered operation in 2010 but was only certified by the US FAA in February 2011. 

    As of this writing, there are 97 Embraer Legacy 650 business jets in operation – and, again, all 97 are wholly-owned. Asia was home to the largest Embraer Legacy 650 fleet percentage (42%), followed by Europe (29%), and South America (15%) accounting for a combined 86% of the fleet.

    In terms of productivity, the Embraer Legacy 650 edged out the Falcon 900LX in cabin volume (thanks to its longer cabin), and the ‘Available Payload with Maximum Fuel’ capacity.

    Although the Legacy 650 shows a lower cost per nautical mile, ultimately the Falcon 900LX demonstrates a lower variable cost per hour, and offers more range than the Legacy 650, covering the distance with a higher long-range cruise speed.

    Falcon 900LX’s ‘Available Payload with Maximum Fuel’ to be 1,545lbs., which is less than the 1,909lbs. offered by the Legacy 650.

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