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Wingly Founders - l-r : Emeric de Waziers, Lars Klein and Bertrand Joab-Cornu

Wingly connects private pilots with passengers so they can share the cost of a flight. On the website pilots post flights they have scheduled and passengers can easily book them.

As a pilot on Wingly, you can offer both A to B and discovery flights where start and destination are the same.

In the Wingly team, they are passionate pilots, aeronautical engineers and passengers themselves. They believe everybody should have the opportunity to discover the amazing experience of flying and want therefore to democratize the light aviation sector.


How does it work?

Pilots post the flights with empty seats they have scheduled to do. Passenger can then easily see those flight and also information about the pilot and his experience. Thanks to the internal chat system, both parties can discuss before sharing a flight. Everything is automatized on the website from registration to payment, making it very convenient and easy for pilots and passengers to share a flight.

Thanks to cost sharing, private aviation is not a luxury anymore. Wingly makes it affordable for the public to discover the light aviation sector. Getting a nice lunch in Plymouth/Isle of Wight on a Sunday from London is now as easy as visiting Windsor Castle. Wingly keeps the philosophy of leisure flying, passengers share an activity and enjoy amazing landscapes from above but know it is not a mean of transportation for business trip.

More than 2,500 pilots are already registered on Wingly in France and Germany. It helped them save in total more than £50,000 but also share their passion for light aviation and contribute to promote light aviation to new people.

As pilots, money should not be the limitation to our passion. Wingly interviewed one of their pilots, Matthew. This is part of an interview that you can also find on Wingly’s website:


What are your current Wingly results? Are you satisfied with the platform?

It indeed is a great record and I am very satisfied. My first flight on Wingly was late February and since today I already took off with more than 30 Wingly flights. Except 3 flights, all of those 30 flights have been completely booked. Currently I have 14 further flights offered for the next months, and those already have 8 sold out flights. For me as a pilot it also simplifies the workload. I share my flights on Facebook as well but with Wingly, I have everything in one place.

What about sharing makes it special to you?

Even as a young boy I always wanted to fly and it took a long time until it became reality. I am really thankful to have the privilege to call myself a pilot now. I have the honor to just take a plane and do what most people dream of their entire life.

Exactly that privilege I want to share with other people now. I believe, everybody should have the possibility to have this unique feeling as you take off, the contact to ground is gone and you have the bird’s eye view on the world. This is unlimited freedom.

View on the lake (1)

Your most exciting / funniest moment with Wingly passengers?

My most exciting moment was an unplanned landing in Leverkusen. A passenger, who has never been in an aircraft before suddenly felt sick. I was still in the control zone of Cologne and the airfield in Leverkusen is closed during lunch-time. Because the way back to Hangelar airfield would take 15 minutes, I decided to contact the air traffic controller at Cologne-Bonn and in Leverkusen. Both understood my situation completely and not even 3 minutes later we landed in Leverkusen. That was really exciting for me.

The nicest or funniest moment with Wingly was during a father-daughter flight. His daughter has never been in the air before (she was just 7 years old) and was really afraid before the take-off. It was such a great feeling as she was suddenly smiling and laughing not even 5 minutes in the air. She nearly had tears of laughter in her eyes. Even the air traffic controller could hear her through my headset and couldn’t stop himself from commenting on this.

Read the full interview on Wingly’s website:

Let’s hope this kind of initiative brings dynamism in the light aviation world and help pilots to become owner of their own plane in the future.

MI: https://en.wingly.io/

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