Making the world a safer place with the Airbus H135

Offering incremental innovation as a solution to new market needs: that is the secret to the success of the H135 programme, which after 27 years of continuous improvements and nearly 7 million accumulated flight hours, remains a rotorcraft of choice for operators. As the 1500th delivery of the H135 took place in August 2023, this helicopter keeps proposing more power, more payload, increased mission capabilities and security, with many stories to write, and as many lives to save.

AvBuyer  |  14th November 2023
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    Police Airbus 135 flying over a city

    As we make our customers’ essential missions possible, the H135 is one of their best allies in protecting citizens around the globe. Indeed, the rotorcraft is a worldwide market leader for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), thanks to its wide range of dedicated EMS interiors that give operators a choice of configurations, providing ample room for patient care. Its cabin volume allows direct access to the patient in the event of emergencies, such as the need to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Furthermore, the aircraft and its EMS cabin layouts meet the highest standards in patient care, including those required by the European EN13718 standard. As one in four helicopters used for emergency medical services belongs to the H135 family, the H135 keeps proving itself a true workhorse for critical care transport, providing customers with state-of-the-art equipment and distinctive mission capabilities. 

    In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, public security remains a key challenge to address. The H135 family of helicopters is used by police forces around the world, with more than 200 helicopters in-service in this segment, making it the most successful light twin aircraft in the law enforcement segment. The helicopter’s compact design lets it operate and land in hostile environments, as well as in densely populated urban areas. Additionally, with reduced sound levels, the H135 is the quietes twin-engine helicopter available on the market, far below the ICAO limits. The H135’s low external sound signature makes for a quieter flight approach as well as a tactical advantage for operators. The H135’s latest technology also fully integrates the aircraft in a unit’s tactical infrastructure by connecting the helicopter to the ground via different means and its Wi-Fi connectivity. 

    Also equipped for rappelling and hoisting, the H135’s unrivalled stability plays a vital role to ensure the safety and success of the parapublic missions performed by customers, providing them with more power and better manoeuvrability, making the H135 a versatile and reliable helicopter when landing in confined and unstable areas. The integrated Helionix suite helps reduce pilot workload and manage the different aircraft systems at a glance using the flight navigation display, thereby improving flight safety. In addition, the H135 features an exhaustive monitoring system that displays the rotorcraft’s general performance and informs the crew in real time. Operators of the H135 also benefit from an eased maintenance, both in terms of costs and personnel hours, providing this aircraft with an important competitive advantage. 

    Back in 1996, the world’s first EC135 in a law enforcement configuration was delivered to the Security Department of the Basque government. While mainly devoted to police operations, its two H135s are also now used for rescue missions in mountainous areas and along the coast, including rescue winch operations. It is no surprise that Spain is still a natural market for the H135. Its status as a partner nation and the extensive industrial and technological network in La Mancha, which includes the assembly line for the tail boom of this model, have established the H135 as a fleet favourite for a variety of customers. Testament to the strong link between Spain and the H135, Airbus Helicopters has already delivered 11 of the 36 H135s ordered by the end of 2021 to supply the State Security Forces and Corps. The Guardia Civil took delivery of its eighteenth H135 in September 2023. 

    The Spanish National Police Force and the Guardia Civil have integrated the H135 within their fleets since 2003. The National Police Force has a total of 20 H135s to carry out preventive and surveillance operations and coordinated actions with other law enforcement agencies. 

    "...the H135 keeps proving itself a true workhorse for critical care transport..."

    Meanwhile, the incorporation of the H135 represented a considerable qualitative leap for the Air Service of the Guardia Civil, notably for its rescue missions in mountainous areas, thanks to the rotorcraft’s improved performance in hot and high conditions. The H135 has excellent slope landing capabilities and can perform demanding mountain rescue intervention. Furthermore, the H135 supports disaster relief missions (in response to floods, earthquakes, landslides, heavy snowfalls, etc.) while being able to transport as many as two stretcher patients. The improvements of the latest H135 version further increase its hover performance, which is of particular importance in high-altitude mountain rescues. 

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