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CIRRUS unveils new aircraft – "the-jet"

On June 27, 2007, just over 150 people received the first view of Cirrus Design Corporation’s latest and highly anticipated innovation, "the-jet". A full-sized mock-up of the single-engine personal jet was revealed to a select group of jet position-holders during a gala event held in Duluth, Minnesota. The jet was made public to the rest of the world on June 28.

"We're calling it a 'personal jet', not because of its size but because it's a natural extension of our SR22 line," said CIRRUS Co-founder and CEO Alan Klapmeier. "Like the CIRRUS SR22, 'the-jet' is innovative and designed to the very core, and it's loaded with innovative features, including the CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System. While it's technologically advanced, it's designed to be exceptionally easy to fly, offering customers the opportunity to grow into yet another lifestyle change with CIRRUS."

More than 150 parties already have placed orders for "the-jet"
"the-jet", likely to hit the market no sooner than 2010 will sell for about $1 million. The plane will be able to cruise at a speed of more than 300 knots and at an altitude of up to 25,000 feet. The aircraft also will feature retractable landing gear and a whole-plane emergency parachute system, similar to what CIRRUS installs in all its piston-engine airplanes.

More than 150 parties already have placed orders for "the-jet", each sending CIRRUS a $100,000 deposit to secure a place in line.

The unveiling of "the-jet" was timed to coincide with the fifth annual Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association “migration” to Duluth dubbed M5. The event provides CIRRUS aviators an opportunity to gather at the birthplace of their aircraft to swap stories, visit, learn about the latest available upgrades and brush up on training and safety.

The week prior to M5, CIRRUS owners gathered in Zell am See, Austria for the European COPA fly-in for similar events and to demo the latest innovation from CIRRUS, the Generation Three SR22. CIRRUS launched the G3 aircraft on April 17, 2007.

"The G3 represents the knowledge CIRRUS has amassed since the launch of G1 in 1999, and the G2 in 2004. I feel certain that G3 won’t be the last modifications you will see with the SR family line," Klapmeier concluded.

Generation Three includes all of the innovations that have made CIRRUS the standard from which all others are judged. This includes its glass cockpit with advanced avionics, life-saving CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS), side yokes for greater convenience and safety, single power lever for ease of flying, composite design for strength and weight savings, and the "weeping wing" TKS ice protection system that gives pilots the time they need to escape icing conditions. Through such innovations as these, CIRRUS has been credited with introducing key features that have pulled general aviation into the 21st Century.

Ongoing product innovations like the G3 and "the-jet" is reason CIRRUS received ANN’s best piston aircraft award for 2006 and has been acclaimed for making the world's best selling personal aviation airplane for the past five years.

“It’s a great achievement to be number one for the fifth year, but that’s not our key driving factor,” said Klapmeier. “Our continued success is due to the dedication of our domestic and international teams to deliver the ultimate aircraft while providing the ultimate customer experience.

It’s all about our employees, our partners, our suppliers, the loyalty of our customers, and the commitment of our international sales centers to provide an exceptional owner experience.” 2007 not only marks the release of two new products for Cirrus Design, but is marked with a number of additional feature innovations for CIRRUS' line of planes. One product feature CIRRUS is offering is a new cabin-cooling system for its SR22-G3 Turbo and its top-of-the-line SR22-GTS Turbo.

"Both of our Turbo models have soared in popularity for their performance, speed, safety and ease of operation," said Klapmeier. "By adding air conditioning to the many other interior styling features, we believe these airplanes represent the very pinnacle of luxury and comfort."

In keeping with the company’s emphasis on safety, Cirrus Design Corporation upgraded their Avidyne Entegra® Multi-Function Display (MFD) to display three pages of information inviting a personal inventory before takeoff regarding limitations, weather, flight planning, passenger briefing, and readiness to fly.

According to Klapmeier, “As a CIRRUS owner and pilot, I appreciate the friendly reminder to make sure that I am personally prepared to fly myself and my passengers safely to our destination. It was natural to add ‘Risk Assessment Tool’ as a function of the versatile Avidyne Entegra MFD.”

Another way CIRRUS is promoting safety is through lifelong learning
Another way CIRRUS is promoting safety is through lifelong learning. CIRRUS and Jeppesen are teaming up this year to provide an innovative web-based transition course for pilots. Intended for use at the factory and in the field, the course is the first in a series designed to promote safe flying through lifelong learning.

"The computer-based course is engaging and easy to navigate," said Bill Stone, director of CIRRUS' Flight Standards and Operations. "Since the course is web-based, it can be used by the pilot at home, in a briefing with a flight instructor, and in a classroom. And since the content can easily be updated for changes in CIRRUS aircraft, instructors can be confident they are offering the most up-to-date training possible."

Because the safety program is computer-based, it is highly convenient for the growing base of CIRRUS owners and pilots located globally. As a matter of fact, many of CIRRUS' new products and services will be geared toward a global market. Currently CIRRUS is expanding its global sales and service center network to meet growing international market demand. Having presence at this year's International Paris Air Show in June is a testimony to CIRRUS’ international sales growth. This marks the first time that CIRRUS has shown its planes at the world's leading air and space show.

"Over the past year, we have experienced incredible growth in international sales," said Co-founder and Vice Chairman Dale Klapmeier. "The International market accounts for a significant percentage of our total aircraft sales. The business is increasing year upon year," Klapmeier concluded. One aircraft that CIRRUS will be bringing to the next Paris Air Show is "the-jet”.

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