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AERO AT Aviation Technologies is a globally renowned designer and manufacturer of metal 2-seater aircraft incorporating laminate elements. Aircraft built by Aero AT are characterised by excellent build-quality and durability, combined with outstanding flight characteristics, performance, safety and economy.

The AT-3 R100 was issued an EASA CS-VLA Type Certificate in January 2005. An LSA variant (AT-4) for the US market was added in 2007. Since then, Aero AT has delivered over 100 aircraft to markets around the world.

The purpose-built production facility in Mielec, Poland dedicated to the European & US markets, has recently been augmented by a large new factory for the Chinese market in Jiangsu Province. Today AERO AT is introducing the new AT-3S, with a ROTAX 912 iS fuel injected engine, new wing design and glider towing option, in addition to the AT-3 R100.


The ROTAX 912 iS Sport is a modern 100 HP fuel injected engine with electronic ignition. It offers up to 30% lower fuel consumption compared with carburettor equipped engines with the same power rating. An added benefit is simplified servicing, eliminating the need for carburettor synchronisation.


With the glider & banner towing option, gliders with a maximum weight of 600 kg can be towed. Instead of traditional mirrors, a camera monitor can be installed allowing visual contact with the glider. The aircraft can also be equipped with a device to pick-up a banner from a gate.


An economical combination of modern, lightweight avionics and conventional analogue navigation instruments, supplemented with an integrated GARMIN G5 display. An 8.33 kHz Radio and Mode S transponder with a large GARMIN 795 GPS display unit provide an optimal solution for most applications.


The aircraft can be equipped with optional laminate fuel tanks located in each wing. The fuel capacity of each wing tank is 55 litres, significantly increasing endurance. Wing tanks can replace the centrally located 75 litre fuselage tank, allowing more freedom in the location of panel instruments.


The simplified BERINGER tubeless tyres and braking system allow for a weight saving of 6 kg, compared to previous AT-3 variants.


The maximum take-off and landing weight is 600 kg with a manoeuvring load factor of +4.0/-2.0 G. The MTOW has been increased by 18 kg, compared to AT-3R100 aircraft. The maximum weight and load factors satisfy both VLA & LSA standards.


The aircraft is equipped with modern WHELEN Orion 600 LED integrated navigation lights, strobes and anti-collision light. Landing and taxi lights are also LED, with lower power consumption placing less demands on the electrical system. VFR-Night operations are approved.


At Aero AT we believe that providing a trouble-free experience is what sets the AERO AT-3S aircraft apart in the marketplace. All AERO AT aircraft are covered by a 2 year warranty.

 AERO AT Sp z o.o. COP-u2, PL -39-300 Mielec, Poland

Tel: +48 17 774 57 00

[email protected]


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