Diamond DA62 aircraft

DA62 - Superb Single Engine Performance

When it comes to multi-engine safety, good single-engine performance is a must. On one engine the DA62 at 2.3t MTOM can climb to about 14,000 feet. With that exceptional margin, you are able to continue safely.

DA62 Aircraft

Instrument Panel

The standard installed Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, similar to those used in large airliners, offers unparalleled situational awareness and flight monitoring. It meets the highest expectations regarding operator convenience and better safety.

Superior Interior

A new First Class cabin, comparable to the size of a high-class SUV, maximizes space to offer room for up to seven passengers and plenty of baggage. Enjoy a luxurious mixture of black leather, chrome, polished carbon, and comfortable ergonomic features.

MI: Join the Diamond family today at +43 2622 26700 1317. Or find more information and your local Diamond distributor online at www.diamond-air.at.

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