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Flying 2.0™ Raises Personal Aviation to New Levels

Cirrus’ new concept of Flying 2.0™ might sound unusual to those who have never experienced the aircraft manufacturer’s “personal” aircraft. But to the thousands of Cirrus owners who fly for business and pleasure, Flying 2.0 articulates exactly what they have loved about their Cirrus planes for the last 10 years. “Flying 2.0 is balance,” says Brent Wouters, Cirrus president and CEO. “It gives me the freedom I don’t always enjoy between nine and five. And whether I’m traveling on Cirrus business or with my family, I’m just more productive and much happier than if I were flying commercial.”

Time Machine - A CIRRUS Aircraft
Think of a Cirrus aircraft as a time machine, one that can actually propel you forward faster through space and time than virtually any other mode of transportation, saving time and money. Cirrus has become the aircraft of choice for many firms that do business on a regional basis. What other mode of transportation could get you from, say, Berlin to Prague in just over one hour? Driving can take up to 6 hours. There is no other mode of transportation that can reach literally thousands of destinations in such a cost-efficient manner.

“There are so many trips that I can think of where we’ve left at 8 a.m., gone to a customer site, had a project-coordination meeting and have turned around and come home,” says Brad Pierce, president of Restaurant Equipment World. “You’re gaining valuable time. It’s pure and simple.”

“Time is the new money, and that contributes directly to the bottom line,” says Wouters. “ And our high-performance aircraft give you more time, whether you’re stuck between airports on a commercial flight or have to drive long distances to destinations that commercial airlines don’t serve. Your time is more productive, door-to-door times are shorter, and that gives you more time with your family.”

Personal Aviation was a Concept that Cirrus Invented in 1984
When brothers Dale and Alan Klapmeier launched their new aircraft. “Our mission was to build an airplane that was safe, affordable, and easy to fly,” says Alan Klapmeier, Cirrus chairman. “We founded the company knowing there are sound economic reasons for people to buy an airplane.”

Three design generations and thousands of aircraft later, Cirrus is one of the world’s most successful aircraft manufacturers, with popular models like the SR20, SR22, TURBO, and its future Vision Jet.

Unlike competitors still thinking in Flying 1.0 mode, Cirrus designs its aircraft to be intuitive for the pilot to operate. The styling is also more like a luxury automobile, with a focus on high-end features like advanced avionics, comfort, and ergonomics. The elegant X-Edition option allows for bespoke customization, with carbon-fiber and machine-finished aluminum on the helm console, leather trim throughout the cabin, exotic Alcantara® material, and distinctive exterior graphics.

The SR22 Remains the Top-Selling Single-Engine Piston Airplane in the World
Despite the flashy ramp appeal, all Cirrus models remain solid, easy-to-fly airplanes that offer an unrivaled value proposition. The SR22 remains the top-selling single-engine piston airplane in the world, largely because of its speed, range, and affordability. The TURBO, for instance, has a range of 1,770 km and cruise speed of more than 320 kph, making it possible to cover long distances in a shorter amount of time than other methods of transportation.

For 2009, Cirrus offers many new comprehensive features, like Known Ice Protection on the SR22 and TURBO, as well as option packages for all models that include an unprecedented collection of standard f

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