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Think Fast.................
...............Think Shark

The SHARK is a high-performance composite tandem-seat low-wing- designed to be ideal for really fast cross-country flights and flying for fun. SHARK combines an integration of exclusive performance with comfortable cockpit- excellent visibility- and uncompromising styling enables you to feel yourself like a true Shark in the Sky.

To achieve a minimum aerodynamic drag the Shark uses a proprietary airfoil- optimized for fast cross-country flights- developed specially for SHARK by an aerodynamicist who designed famous military turboprop trainers.

The smoothly streamlined- aerodynamically efficient fuselage includes the “shark-style gills” for the cooling of the engine. This and the aerodynamic surfaces with the elliptical outer leading edges are created by professionals with a lot of experience from well-known Czech aircraft manufacturers.

The Shark project is based on the successful collaboration between the Gryf Design and COMP-LET in the MD-3 Rider aircraft development - and is its logical continuation: - it combines the producer’s long-time experience with composites and the design team’s know-how gained during a large number of designs - from ultralights and sailplanes to GA airplanes and commuters- flying in thousands worldwide.

With adjustable seats and the EFIS/EMS instrumentation keeps the crew perfectly aware of the flight and of the engine performance. Simply put - everything is optimized for the crew comfort during long cruise flights – even the rests for hands on the fighter-like throttle (left) and on the side-stick (right). Interior styling is created by Peter Zelman from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design- Bratislava.

SHARK have tested the Magnum 501 ballistic rescue system installed in the Shark aircraft – which is the standard version for Germany. The test was fully successful- and - maybe as a special profit for us - we received not prepared action 'how to catch a Shark aircraft with extended parachute in windy weather'.

Advanced composite structure is built of a glass/carbon epoxy composite. Various structural components are made of different materials according to their properties to give the parts the best weight/strength ratio- stiffness and safety.

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