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Billund Air Center, which is one of the largest flying schools in Denmark. The aircraft was handed to the new owners on Friday November 27, and now awaits an exciting adventure as a pilot trainer.

"We are very pleased and proud to have sold the first ever factory new Piper Archer DX in Scandinavia to Billund Air Center, which is one of the largest flying schools in Denmark," Bjarne Jorsal says. Together with partner Katja Nielsen he owns and operates European Aircraft Sales, which – among other things - is the exclusive distributor of new Piper aircraft in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Piper and Diesel Fans in Billund, Denmark

Also the new owners at Billund Air Center were delighted to welcome their new aircraft when it landed in Billund on the 27 November. At BAC, they have always been Piper fans - mainly because of the aircraft's reliability and serviceability. In fact, all fixed wing pilots to be at Billund Air Center have been trained in Piper aircraft for the last 25 years. However, this is the first time that a brand new Piper - even diesel-powered – is to train pilots at the school.

"We love the diesel Archer and look forward to really getting it operational. Both students and instructors are so looking forward to fly it," says Jørn Askholm, better known as 'JAS'. "The diesel Archer is the perfect trainer due to the fact that it has low operating costs and super technology. Generally speaking, it’s a modern aircraft," he explains. In fact, JAS is so content with the diesel Archer that he considers acquiring more aircraft of the same type.

Technology meets Excellent Fuel Economy

"The diesel Archer is a really cool aircraft! Its technology and excellent fuel economy is absolutely perfect for flying schools. They need low operating costs and consider it their finest job to train pilots to handle future technology in the air," he explains.

"The diesel engine makes it possible to fly cheaper, since diesel fuel only costs about half of the alternative. In addition, the DX has a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit which is imperative when training instrument flying with the future pilots," Bjarne Jorsal explains.

"Finally, we are very pleased that this first DX in Scandinavia will be flying at a flight school. In this way, a lot of people will be able to enjoy it and gain insight into its performance, technology and economy," Bjarne Jorsal said.

Purchase of More Trainers in the Pipeline

At European Aircraft Sales, everyday life is all about finding the right aircraft for the right owner. And after just having delivered the Archer DX to Pia and Jørn Askholm, they are now looking to find a new owner for their next Piper Archer DX. This aircraft is all set to leave the factory in Florida any day now. "We are in contact with several interested flying schools, all considering switching to a DX," Bjarne Jorsal explains. "It is our experience
that this sort of actions tend to spread like a wildfire – meant in a positive way. When someone embarks the goodies, then everyone wants to join in. And it is clear that being a reputable flight school, Billund Air Center’s purchase of the Archer DX vouches for the diesel Archer in general. So, we expect that many others will look their way when deciding what to do."

European Aircraft Sales is an international aircraft sales company, specializing in Bombardier, Pilatus and Piper aircraft. The founders, Bjarne Jorsal and Katja Nielsen, have close to 50 years of shared aviation experience and approx. 900 aircraft sales behind them.

MI: www.europeanaircraftsales.com

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