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Already? Ten Years of the CIRRUS SR22

This year Cirrus will feature the Cirrus SR22T Limited Commemorative Edition (LCE) at Aero Friedrichshafen- Aero Expo and several other British and European events. You’ll probably notice it a lot – and its distinctive paint scheme is just the beginning.

This special aeroplane shows off all the features and character that Cirrus has introduced into general aviation in the last decade. It starts off with a Cirrus SR22T GTS- equipped for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) and features Cirrus Perspective by Garmin™ avionics with Synthetic Vision; Enhanced Stability and Protection (ESP); Stall and Over-speed protection; Hypoxia check/ automatic descent; Traffic and Terrain (TAWS) warnings; EVS (combination infra-red and visible light vision for night use); paperless cockpit; and ADS/B support. Add air conditioning and an individualised interior and exterior (known as “Xi” in Cirrus parlance) and you have a truly impressive machine.

The Cirrus SR22T LCE also comes with all you need to get started: simulator training at Cirrus; Bose A20 headsets; free oil changes and extended warranty; Garmin’s latest Nuvi Blade car navigator; and custom luggage. It even comes with a free upgrade path – a reserved place in the queue for a Cirrus Vision SF50 jet.

It is difficult to believe the Cirrus SR22 has reached its second decade. It seems like only yesterday that the first Cirrus SR20s were being delivered. Many remember that first all-composite Cirrus aircraft with its then controversial built-in parachute. Two years later all doubt had disappeared about both and the SR22 debuted. Since then- the all-glass cockpit has been introduced; icing protection (including certified “Known Icing” approval); turbo versions (including the current SR22T) and a myriad of other features and options. Today- almost 5-000 Cirrus aircraft grace the skies around the world.

SR20 – Now in its Third Generation
The SR20- now in its third generation- is without question an outstanding aeroplane and great value starting at $289-900. This compares to about $197-600 ten years ago – about $247-500 in today’s dollars – but that was without a glass cockpit- airbag seatbelts- WAAS GPS- engine/fuel monitoring and various other things that are the norm today.

Cirrus Perspective is a unique member of Garmin’s cockpit family. All Garmin (G1000 through G3000- Part 23 family) flight deck products use essentially the same components; with differentiation coming from different screen/bezel layouts and keyboards/input methods. Cirrus Perspective- however- goes far beyond these variations in what is otherwise an off-the-shelf product.

Cirrus Perspective is an integral part of a Cirrus aircraft and contains information about the Cirrus FIKI- flap and pitot heat configuration and other systems beyond basic engine information. Larger screens- minimal buttons- easy-reach keyboard and autopilot with airspeed control- vertical modes and the blue “LEVEL” button to right the aeroplane if you are disoriented. Recently- a number of safety features were introduced into Cirrus Perspective pointing the way towards a whole new class of “intelligent aircraft” you can expect from Cirrus. Many of these standard Cirrus features often appear in stock cockpits a few years after they Cirrus has made them available.

Vision SF50 Personal Jet – A World Changer
Innovation continues at Cirrus and some say the best is yet to come: the Vision SF50 Personal Jet is just around the corner and the next ten years are going to see it change the world in ways we can’t yet imagine.

More information visit – www.cirrusaircraft.com

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