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Flying Car on Sale from July

Flying to the mall in your sky car could soon be a reality. Terrafugia is releasing its “roadable aircraft” this July - a street-legal flying car that gets 30 mpg whether on the road or in the sky.

Other personal flying technology is nearly ready- including jetpacks and another four-seater Skycar from Moller Aircraft. “The technology is already there to make flight available to everyone- and the appeal of having that hummingbird sense of freedom to use all this empty space above us is widespread-” said company founder Robert Moller.

The WW2 Flying Jeep prototype being towed aloft worked on the autogyro principal.

In the USA the Pentagon is looking into developing a military flying car. Experiments were conducted by both the USA and British armed forces during the second world war in developing jeeps and even tanks that would be able to fly. A prototype of the “Flying Jeep” was actually made and flew.

More information visit - www.terrafugia.com

Airvan Selected for French Fire Fighting

In a strong sign of the growing recognition of the role that single engine fixed wing aircraft can play in European fire fighting and air surveillance operations- the GA8 –TC320 Airvan has been selected for fire fighting operations in France.

The Perpignan-based Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Sécurité (SDIS) 66 Pyrénées- Orientales has recently purchased the turbocharged Airvan for sorties to provide high grade images and fire mapping. The department has also purchased GippsAERO factory surveillance modules- with installation of specialist surveillance equipment to be completed in Perpignan. This combination of technology and airframe will enable the Department to access images and information that are vital for effective strategic fire control and tactical fire fighting.

The newly acquired Airvan- which will be based at Perpignan airport- has started operations in June and is expected to conduct daily missions throughout the European fire season. With turbo-charged power- the Airvan provides great high altitude performance- required in the region. The superior usable load and cabin size also allows the SDIS to carry more equipment and/or personnel for the task than ever before at a fraction of the cost of more expensive rotary wing platforms.

More information visit - www.gippsaero.com

ROCKETROUTE and AIRBOX Commit to VFR Flying During 2012 Olympics

AOPA - online flight planning company RocketRoute and aviation navigation innovator Airbox Aerospace have confirmed that all European AOPA members and users of RocketRoute and Airbox Aerospace products will be able to file visual flight rule (‘VFR’) flight plans free-of-charge for flights within London’s restricted airspace during the 2012 Olympics.

Kurt Lyall- RocketRoute co-founder- says: “There has been growing concern in the UK aviation community that planned Olympic airspace restrictions will make it hard for many pilots to get VFR flight plans approved during the summer of 2012. Although we are still awaiting precise details of how the authorities will manage flight approvals- RocketRoute and Airbox are committed to ensuring that our online flight planning and navigation technologies will overcome any such hurdles. And- to celebrate the Olympics and encourage flying during this time- we will be offering our VFR flight plan filing service free to AOPA members and our customers while Olympic airspace restrictions apply.”

William Moore- technical director of Airbox Aerospace- says: “Airbox and RocketRoute both work hard to make pilots’ lives easier. We know our customers are concerned about how they will navigate the Olympic airspace- but the free filing service combined with our comprehensive airspace information system should take virtually all the stress out of the exercise.”

Martin Robinson- chief executive officer of AOPA UK- says: “This is a fantastic offer to AOPA members from two of the UK's most innovative companies serving the needs of general aviation.”

Between 13 July and 12 September 2012- any VFR flight plans entered into RocketRoute’s online planning system or submitted to Airbox Aerospace’s FastPlan planning application- will automatically be provided free-of-charge if the flight includes a departure- destination or alternate airfield within the restricted Olympic airspace zone (including ZZZZ locations).

Registration for RocketRoute’s online service is a rapid process- requiring just a mobile phone number and pilot’s licence. Thereafter- filing plans through RocketRoute is quick- easy and highly intuitive. The system includes online help and the reassurance of being able to telephone a RocketRoute flight planner if in doubt.

More information visit – www.airboxaero.com
More information visit – www.rocketroute.com
More information visit – www.aopa.co.uk


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