What’s the Bell 505 Like to Fly?

What is the new Bell 505 JetRanger X like to fly? Having taken delivery of a new Bell 505, Helicompany Ltd. spoke with GA Buyer Europe to explain how they’re enjoying operating their new aircraft…

Matt Harris  |  20th June 2018
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    Matt Harris
    Matt Harris

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    Bell 505 JetRanger X exterior photo

    Having taken delivery of a new Bell 505, Helicompany Ltd. spoke with GA Buyer Europe to explain how they’re enjoying operating their new aircraft…
    The Bell 505 JetRanger X helicopter is Bell’s new five-seat aircraft designed for safety, efficiency and reliability through the use of advanced avionics technology, and incorporates proven dynamic components, advanced aerodynamic design, a dual channel FADEC Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine and best-in-class value.
    It offers a 125kts maximum cruise speed and capability for 1,500lbs useful load. Operators can enjoy a range of up to 306 nautical miles.

    Versatility at its Core

    The reliability, speed, performance and manoeuvrability of the Bell 505 is integrated with a flat floor, open cabin that is configurable for a wide variety of missions and payloads.
    The spacious cabin can be configured to carry up to four passengers or for internal cargo missions by removing quick disconnect rear cabin seats and/or co-pilot seat.
    The flat floor cabin design and large rectangular baggage compartment lets the Bell 505 adapt to changing mission needs very easily, and these features combined with a reliable drivetrain and rotor system make the Bell 505 an excellent multi-mission aircraft in the short light single-engine market.
    GA Buyer: Helicompany Ltd is the proud operator of a new Bell 505. As an ‘early adopter’ in the UK, what is it about the Bell 505 that led you to purchase this aircraft?

    Helicompany: As an operator of a Bell 206 for over 10 years, we were keen to update our aircraft and the Bell 505 was an easy choice for us. 
    The new technology as well as the speed, power and performance was what made the Bell 505 stand out. It is unbeatable.
    GA Buyer:And having placed the Bell 505 in operation, how is it helping you to deliver on your objectives better?
    Helicompany: It is a fantastic way to travel about the UK, the increased speed, performance and ease of use have made traveling much more enjoyable and stress free.

    GA Buyer: Compared to other helicopters you’ve flown, what is it like to fly? Are there any noticeable characteristics about the Bell 505 that have surprised you?
    Helicompany: The Bell 505 is an amazing helicopter for the pilot, it is very easy to operate and has an enormous amount of power.
    The seats are much more comfortable than the old JetRanger and the visibility for both the pilots and passengers is fantastic.
    GA Buyer: And how about passenger comfort – how would you say the Bell 505 ranks?
    Helicompany: The passenger seats are comfortable and there is lots of legroom. The visibility from the back seats is fantastic.
    GA Buyer: What are some of the missions the Bell 505 has flown for you since you had it delivered?
    Helicompany: We flew the 505 from Yorkshire to Jersey in around 2.5 hours with four people and luggage. The great thing is, we were able to take full-fuel so we only had to stop for fuel once.
    The helicopter cruised comfortably at 125 knots and made the trip so easy and enjoyable.

    GA Buyer: Are there any plans to expand the types of missions your Bell 505 flies in the future?
    Helicompany: In the future we would like to put the Bell 505 helicopter onto an Air Operators Certificate so we can provide a charter service with the aircraft.
    We think customers will really appreciate the increased speed, payload and passenger comfort.
    More information on the Bell 505 at www.helx.co.uk


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