2007 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 135P2+ for sale, Monaco

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Europe, Monaco

Aircraft Description

VIP CONFIGURATION; Air conditioning System For Tropical Environment; VIP Interior; Sound Proofing; Single/Dual Pilot IFR; Offered “As is” Ex-Works ASIA; We offer the A/C wit a Valid Certificate of Airworthiness

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    Single/Dual Pilot IFR Avionic Package
    VHF AM/COM System KTR908 / KFS598A (Honeywell) Pilot & Copilot
    Audio/Comm Control System AS3100-12 Becker Including ICS (Pilot & Copilot)
    Intercom Amplifier ICS 3100-4 Becker
    Transponder Mode S MST 67A (Honeywell)
    Transponder Control Unit PS 578A (Honeywell)
    Distance Measuring Equipment DMS-44A (Chelton/Wulfsberg)
    VOR/ILS/MKR Navig. System KNR 634A/KFS 564A (Honeywell) Pilot & Co-pilot
    Avionics/Radio Master Switches (Special ECD)
    2nd Stand-by Horizon A1 804 DC including Battery (Goodrich)
    MEGHAS – Flight Control Display System – Dual (4xSMD45)
    Avionics solution Interconnection / Wiring
    7” Co-pilot Instrument Panel with Glare Shield
    MEGHAS Sensor Kit
    Digital Automatic Flight control System
    Radar Altimeter KRA 405B (Honeywell)
    ADF DFS 43A / ADF Control Unit CD 432B (Chelton/Wulfsberg)
    GPS NAV System 2101 I/0 Approach Plus (Free flight)
    ELT C406-N HM (Artex) including Nav. Option
  • Interior & Entertainment
    2 VIP Forward Pax Seats, Facing Backwards
    2 VIP Rear Pax Seats, Facing Forwards
    VIP Pilot & Co-pilot Seats
    1 Front Cabinet, Flat
    “ Rear Cabinet with Armrest
    1 Armrest in Rear Window niche LH/RH
    Leather Cover Interior
    VIP Carpet for Cockpit, Cabin & Cargo Compartment
    Covers for Sliding Door Fairing LH/RH
    Variable Tie-down for Luggage Securing
    2 Retractable Coat Hooks in Rear Cabin
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Dual Controls
    Air Conditioning System
    Cabin/Cargo Compartment Separation Wall
    Sound Proofing
    VIP Layout
    Tinted Windows
    Bleed Air Heating system
    Rotor Brake System
    Landing & Searching Light, 450W
    Strobe light
    Reinforced Rear Landing Gear Cross Tube
    Boarding Step Illumination

    Cabin Configuration: 2+4 Seats

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