2003 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 145 for sale,

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Aircraft Description

EMS Equipment - Aircraft operated since new for EMS only. Swiss Aerolite EMS Equipment P/N 145221-501. Roll-In Stretcher with 12 VDC, 28VDC and 230VAC electrical system, integrated Oxygen System, Medical Wall L/H and R/H and three medical seats (one fixed, two swivel). Certified as per EN13718-2.

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Total Time 11,806
    COM/NAV/GPS #1 Garmin GNC225B
    COM/NAV/GPS #2 Garmin GTN650
    DME Chelton DM-441B
    ADF Honeywell DF-431B
    MKR Bendix King KR21
    Audio Control Becker ACU 6100 (3 ICS)
    Radio Alt Bendix King KRA405B
    Transponder MST-67A
    ELT Artex C406-2HM
    AP1/ AP2 APM 2001
    Intercom Becker REU 6100
    CVFDR Honeywell AR 602C
    ULB Dukane DK120
    Weather Radar RT-1401B

    Moving map EURONAV IV – RN6CM (EuroAvionics), interfaced with FCDS
    Voice alert generator (NAT 611-014)
    Battery, type “Saft”, ULM,40 Ah, 24V instead of standard battery
    Video Radar Unit (VRU)
    Ventilation for avionics compartment
    Additional electrical interface for mission equipment
    Additional circuit breaker panel
    M’ARMS Usage Monitoring System (UMS) incl. software (Flash Card)
    ISEI Helisafe Usage Monitoring System with GSM Transmission
    Installation of EMS Equipment – P/N: 145070-501
    Installation ISAT 100
    MOD-145-28VDC Plug, 28VDC High Power Socket Installation
    Installation RN6 -CM – Euronav Moving Map
    Installation SX-5 Search Light
    MOD - 145 - SX-5-Mount, Minor Change for SX-5 Gimbal, Mounting Modification
    MOD - 145 - RN6-BT, Installation of Bluetooth Tastatur for Euro-avionics RN6
    MOD - 145 - HUMS - Installation of ISEI Helicom V2 System, EASA STC EASA 1004737 Rev.1
    MOD - 145 - MED-Rack
    MOD – 145 – FLARM TRX1500A – Installation of FLARM System
    Night Vision Certification acc. To Major Change Approval EASA.R.C.02767
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Height adjustable pilot seat
    Height adjustable Co-pilot seat
    Jettisonable cockpit doors
    Comfort improvement kit
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    7”copilot instrument panel with glare shield
    Map case in copilot door
    Map Case on Instrument Panel glare shield
    Illuminated chart holder (NVG version), pilot side
    Bleed air heating system
    Two-colour exterior painting
    Fuel management system (fuel flow meter)
    Chip Detector for tail and intermediate Gear Box
    Fuzz burner for main transmission
    Fuzz burner for engines
    Engine Compressor Wash Kit
    Vector Mast Moment System (VMMS)
    Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section
    Sliding door fastener, immediate und max. position, LH
    Window in clam-shell door, LH
    Settling Protectors – fixed provisions and detachable parts
    Tail flood lights for tail rotor and clam-shell doors
    Strobe lights

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